Die Hard Dice are Awesome

Last time I bought dice I went to geek.com and ordered a bulk set of five sets of dice and dice bags. I’m pretty sure the colors/styles were random, because I would not have picked these colors. They’re not the worst, but they’re not great. And the little bags were really cheap. At that point, I had a metalic grey set and a translucent red set, but for whatever reason, I thought I needed more.

I used to have a shit-ton of dice, 30-years worth of collecting, but I gave them to my son because I didn’t think I’d be needing them. I miss the oversized dice, but other than those, I don’t really remember what I had. But I watched a video for DIE HARD dice and I wanted them. I think this was the video I watched, Rybonator on YouTube.

Die Hard dice make a bunch of different styles of dice. Metal dice. Polymer dice. Class dice. Dice bundles. Specialty dice. I think you get it. They’re a dice company. They make dice. But the dice they make are really nice looking. Here’s what I bought from them.

heirloom dice
extra dice

Pretty sweet. Am I right.

They are not inexpensive. The Mythica set is $50, but I paid just under $85 for my order. I would definitely consider this an extravagance on my part, but I’m pretty sure these will last forever. Think of them as heirloom dice. I’ll be passing these to my next of kin in my will.

I chose the Mythica Platinum Ruby set. I also bought a trio of matching 6-sided dice, because 4d6 is kinda the thing around these parts. I added a Dire d20 to my order because who doesn’t like oversized dice and because D&D 5e has rules for rolling 2d20 for advantage/disadvantage.

My pictures don’t do these dice justice. They are beautiful. The metal shines and the translucent red really sparks with awesomeness. I think I’d like to get the Mythica Platinum Emerald set as well, but I don’t really need them.

The dice came in a nice tin tray with foam cut outs to hold them in place. My one and only complaint about all this, is that the dire d20 is too big to fit in the tin. There’s room for it, even with all the extra d6, but it’s too tall for the depth of the tin. That’s kind of a bummer. But I’ll deal with it, possibly by making my own dice holder. We’ll see. One other concern should probably be, having a dice tray for rolling these in. They’re heavy. They’ve clipped most of the corners, but that d20 is still pretty pointy. They will tear up a wood table and not even give a fu… you know what I mean. So I’ll be making or buying a rolling tray for these. It’s just something to keep in mind. Your game host will not be happy if your wreck the finish on their dining room table.

My order came with a nice thank you note, a Shakespearean Insult generator, and most unexpectedly a bunch of freebie dice. A full set of pink translucent, swirled dice, a small metal d8, and a metal d6.

free stuff

In summary, expensive but beautiful. I really like them, there’s a few sets I’d like to have, and I can see them making nice gifts for the gamer in your life, what with christmas right around the corner.