Change of Plan

Tonight, at school, I met the two guys who are in charge of the HVAC program at GRCC. Don Steeby was the substitute in my refrigeration class and Ron Stevenson was in the lab as we were wrapping up. This gave me an opportunity to talk to them about the summer semester, and after that discussion I’ve decided to do both of the HVA classes that are being offered this summer.

Today is the first day I qualify to register, so I came home and registered for the summer semester. I’m going to take 8 credit hours and my schedule looks like this.

HVA 174 HVAC Blueprint Reading/ Design, Tuesdays and Thursdays
HVA 246 Mechanical Codes,  Mondays and Wednesdays

PS 110 American Government, Mondays and Wednesdays

It won’t be like having the summer off, but I should still have a chance to do something around here this summer; even if it’s just nap.