Dropping Public Speaking

Enough is enough. This class, or rather this instructor, is too disorganized for me to do this in the short summer semester. I received an email this morning, that was sent out last night at 9:38 PM, with a list of things to do, have done, and bring to class tonight. I’ll spare you the details, but this is an email that should have gone out on Friday so that we had the weekend to do this stuff. Not on Sunday night when everyone has shut off their computers for an hour of TV before bed, work the next morning, and then a quick rush off to school after that. Or at least, that’s my schedule.

Anyway, this email put me over the top. Sure, dropping the class leaves me 2-credits shy of the 6 required for my student loan. And yes, Friday was the last day to drop classes and get full reimbursement, so I’ll be paying for the books and half the class. But I cannot do it. I cannot manage this class along with Biology, work, and life.

So in a bit of a snit, I dropped public speaking this morning. And that’s going to cost me a pocket full of cash. But it’s done. Let’s move on.