I celebrated President’s day by making two batches of chili. I had the stuff, thanks to Lady Ronn, and I figured go big or go home. Besides, having never made chili before, making two batches increased the odds that I’d end up with something edible. I’d share the ingredients, but it was the usual stuff: peppers, onions, turkey, sausage, tomato sauce, tomato paste, chili powder…. the list goes on. The two batches were made with different ingredients and turned out very different. I used a modified version of a recipe I found on Google for both.
Batch one was flavorful but so spicy neither Lady Ronn or I would not have been able to eat it.
Batch two wasn’t very spicy and didn’t have a lot of flavor. Of course, that could have been a direct result of burning out my taste buds on batch one.
So,  what is the solution to this dilemma? If you’re me, you combine the two batches together and hope they’ll balance each other out. Which is kinda what happened.
Still spicier that I would have intended, but very edible. I ate a bowl for lunch. Did I mention I had these both done before 10 am? But I filled three Tupperware containers with chili and put them in our fridge and carted the other half and the crock pot off to GRCC. The class ate it all, so it couldn’t have been too bad.
No school tonight; the teacher called class off. Tomorrow night is the final in my electrical controls class. Next week, I’ll be returning to a two night schedule, Tue/Thur, as I wrap up my ductwork design class.

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