Not Enough Math

I may have my Associate of Applied Arts & Sciences degree from Grand Rapids Community College, but Ferris State University isn’t impressed. I just took a call from the coordinator of their HVAC program letting me know that he can’t let me into the program and wanting to explain why. Apparently, I do not meet their minimum requirements. I have the science and I have the english, but he says he can’t let me in without more math. Math 107, minimum. Math 107 – Intermediate Algebra, 108 – Trigonometry, and Math 110 – College Algebra, recommended. So, get that done and reapply. The program begins in May.

And that’s just to get in. The coordinator made sure to tell me that there is more math once I get there. But not to worry, the program only goes to pre-calculus. They don’t require calculus to get their bachelors degree. Great.

I took the accuplacer math exam in 2013 when I started GRCC. That came back and said I should start with Math 98 – Elementary Algebra. I took Math 103 – Technical Math as an alternative for the HVAC program and did well (I think a B+). But that’s still a long way from Math 107 and makes Math 110 seem very far away, indeed.

the only subject that counts

At a bare minimum I will need to retake the accuplacer math exam, as it’s only good for a year. Assuming that I do about the same as I did last time I’m looking at MA 98, MA 107. That’s 8-credit hours and I could do one in the Fall and the other in the Winter and get in to Ferris. If I take the coordinator’s recommendation; I take the placement test, MA98, MA107, MA108, and then MA10. Doing that would put me in the Ferris program in May 2021.

The coordinator gave me one other piece of information that I found interesting… Going part-time I can expect to be done when I’m 57, if I start next May. With all the math to do before I even get there, I’ll be looking at 58. Which is still 10-12 years from retirement.

This just started looking like a much bigger mountain to climb.

Things to think about. Back to the basement. Later.