The wedding of my sister-in-law to her handsome groom has come and gone. It was last weekend and I didn’t get around to mentioning it. Congratulations Josh and Kristen, I wish you many very happy years of wedded bliss. And Josh, I wasn’t kidding. That was a pretty swanky gala and I think it’d be great if you threw one every year! You know, for the family.
Thursday was the graduation ceremony for my youngest boy. The whole gang turned out to watch him walk and it went without a hitch, despite the heat and a stadium full of 18-year-olds and their parents. He made it out of high school and into world with only minor bumps and bruises. Now, despite the assertion that those were the longest, hardest, worst 4-years of a persons life (they’re not—that’d be middle school) it only gets more challenging from here on out. I wish him well and hope he finds his luck.
This weekend is the big summer kick-off. My mother-in-law is here. Summer is here. I cleaned up the patio and got the furniture set up and washed down. The grill is ready and waiting for me to make shish-ka-bob tomorrow. Because that’s what I want to do and it’s my Memorial Day. That’s why.
It’s a 101°F in my garage with the door open… I think I liked it better when I just thought it felt like a hundred degrees in the garage, now with the thermometer on the garage door opener I actually know it. Does not make things better.
So despite the 3-day holiday weekend, my math class is online, so no ‘day off’ from that. And if you needed proof that all this school has got me feeling the pressure. Here it is: arohenRPG. Yep, despite a 10-year hiatus from the pen and paper tabletop roleplaying stuff, I’m feeling the bug. So of course I had to waste some time on that by putting some of my old stuff together and creating a section of the website for it… probably not the best use of my time. But WtH, a guys gotta have some fun. You’ll find the link up at the top of the page if you’re into that kind of thing.