Canvas Prints, Part II

Both of my canvas prints arrived this week from

Inner Sareth arrived on Thursday. It looks good. Colors are nice. Text is sharp. But… due to the way it’s stretched, the border is wavy and not even around the perimeter of the canvas. If I was going to give you advice about doing something like this yourself, I’d tell you to remove the border and avoid the disappointment. I’ve already gone in and created a borderless copy of the map in WonderDraft. It’s distracting and that would be my biggest complaint. I have one other complaint, and that is the corner folds. These are sloppy and stick out all around the print. I can pull the staples and refold them, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to do that.

Inner Sareth

This was not where I had intended to put it, but I think it looks better here. Mainly, because the unfinished statue projects distract from the sloppy border. Besides, I think the other two look pretty good together.

The Skorr & Baenrahl

The Skorr is the first one I ordered and I’ve already talked about it. The Regentia (Baenrahl) map arrived today. It’s dark, but I knew it would be. It’s a dark world and I intentionally designed the map to be dark. The one thing I’m disappointed with, and it’s my fault and a small thing, is that my radial lines coming off the compass are very faint. This is due to the width of the lines. I should up them from 3 pixels to 5 or 6 pixels, but it’s a nice print. It has one small scratch and the frame is not quite flat, but the corners are much nicer than on the Sareth canvas.

I have plans for those two empty spaces. I know it looks odd right now, but I just have to put a couple things together to finish up the layout on the wall.

In other news: I was talking to Lady Ronn about her photography and getting a website set-up. One thing led to another and I had her a domain name and a basic wordpress site for her. Now don’t go rushing over there. The only thing to see right now is the generic Bluehost “Coming Soon” page, but will be a thing at some point in the near future. If I had to guess when, I’d guess after we’re both done with the Summer semester at the end of June.