The work on the Lost Mine of Phandelver pieces continues to move forward. I’ve applied a coat of joint compound to the Cragmaw Hideout cave complex. I started working on some of the cave rubble, adjusted some of the stalagmites, and built a ridge around the pond and stream to hold in the clear epoxy resin. I also realized that I am going to need a structure to hang the waterfall from, so I added a pillar that I’ll thicken and texture up before figuring out how the waterfall is going to work.

cragmaw hideout birds eye view

I started coating the finished foam and joint compound areas with a sealing coat of Mod Podge & black paint. I need to texture the actual play areas with some tin foil, but forgot about that step and you can see that I have one cave floor that has already been coated. Whoops.

entrance to the cragmaw hideout

I made three campfire rings, two small and one larger, that will get placed in the caves. You can see that the small LED and dab of cotton give a not terrible flame effect on the one of the smaller campfire that I’ve put together. I’ll get all three of them set up and wired to a switch, maybe two switches, before this thing is done.

This weekend I made some bricks for the next two parts of this project–the ruins and the first of two dungeons.

20mm x 40mm bricks

Okay, I made more than a few bricks. I made a bucket of bricks. I hope I have enough.

bucket o’ bricks

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