I’ve created a Google Photos Gallery for my Lost Mine of Phandelver tabletop terrain project. I was going to make a gallery here on the website, but all these pictures already exist on Google and this is just easier. Maybe as things get more finished I’ll put together a project gallery for it. But it’s too early for that right now.

The plan is to do each of the four “dungeon maps”. The ruins may be individual buildings, because otherwise it’d be a single board bigger than most tables playing surface, something like 30 x 50 inches. I’m also not going to even attempt to do the whole village, but I may do a few significant buildings. We’ll see.

Right now, I’m waiting on the arrival of some foliage from Amazon so that I can finish the area outside the Cragmaw Hideout cave complex. That order is coming with some more Mod Podge, as I seem to be going through quite a bit of it. While I wait I’ve been making the individual ruined buildings for the Ruins of Thundertree area, planning out the Redbrand Hideout, and working on building some of the extras–chests, boxes, sleeping mats, that sort of thing–all the bits that get scattered around the maps to make things look lived in and interesting.

I’m certainly jumping into this with both feet. It’s a big project, but I’m having fun. I’m also trying to make these pieces reusable for other scenarios, but I may be less successful with that part of things. Have a look at that gallery, if you’re interested. I’ll be adding more pictures as I take them. Later.

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