During my recent scramble to debug my website of malicious code I stumbled on a feature in Jetpack that interested me quite a bit. I found a breakdown of the site posts by year, word count, words per post, etc. You can see an image below with all the pertinent data.

site stats

I’ve written 296,911 words in this online autobiography between 2003 and 2018. I’m not including this year. We’ll count that up in the year-end summary, but it’s been a big year and looks to be a contender for the most prolific year by word count. But is it a productive use of my time? If 60,000 words is a short novel. This project could have been 5 novels. In the same period of time, I’ve written two novels and another half-dozen projects that wanted to be novels but didn’t make it out of my head.

It looks to me like this writing/blogging thing goes in fits and spurts. What happened in 2007? One post! And I’m pretty sure that one post wasn’t actually written in 2007. I suspect that the date was altered. The last few years have seen pretty decent productivity and regular postings. Okay, 2014 and 2016 were good the rest not so great. But this year looks good.

The last of my birthday presents arrived today from the State of Michigan. A vanity plate for my van.

vanity plate

Vanity. Get it? Not funny? No? Okay. Well, you’re no fun.

arohen license plate

I considered getting this for a while, but I finally pulled the trigger on it. I did not imagine that it would be on a van, but that’s what I drive. So, there you have it. It’ll be on a van.

I noticed tonight that all the old posts from arohen.com and ronnmccarrick.com have disappeared. I knew that would happen, but it sure makes for an ugly mess. I would like to get all those posts back up, but I’m not sure if I want to go through the headache of doing that before I decide if this is where I’m going to stay. If I go back to my own hosted page, I can go back to WordPress and it should be a simple matter of loading my archive back-ups. If I stay here, well, it’ll be more complicated. I’ll need to figure out what’s what with the XML files and make some edits so that I can import to blogger. It all just sounds like a big pain in the ass. The other option is to just move forward from here and pretend that all the other stuff was destroyed. Still no decisions on that front.

i could say it was all destroyed in the fire

I did pick up rotors and pads for the Spirit today, so that’ll be a thing this weekend. Now if I could just get my boy to bring back my jack…. bring it back… I know you’re seeing this. Oh yeah, I think there’s a football game this weekend.

Just a note here to let you know that I’ve redirected both arohen.com and ronnmccarrick.com to this page until such time as I decide what to do with those domains/sites. So I welcome you to my new Blogger site, Creative Investigator.

At this point, Blogger seems to do most of what I want, only with a few more limitations on the customization of things. The only thing I haven’t figured out a real solution for is the podcast. I can host it on my Google Drive, but I can’t stream it from there, so to listen you have to download it and then listen via another method.

It has been suggested that I should simply move from podcasting to vlogging, and that is a possibility, but I would prefer to have the option to do both.

I’m still investigating my options. Stay tuned.

Lunarpages has deleted my account from their servers. Which means that the websites for both ronnmccarrick.com and arohen.com have disappeared from the internet. So if you go to those places, they will not be there. You’ve been warned.

Now the decision becomes whether to reopen shop with a new host, leave well enough alone, or to simply report those domains to this blogger site.

I’m still paying off Christmas, so I’ve got some time to think about it. For now, I’m going to keep posting here on blogger and using IFTTT to share to my social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+)