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  • Interesting Numbers

    During my recent scramble to debug my website of malicious code I stumbled on a feature in Jetpack that interested me quite a bit. I found a breakdown of the site posts by year, word count, words per post, etc. You can see an image below with all the pertinent data. I’ve written 296,911 words […]

  • Vanity or Advertisement

    The last of my birthday presents arrived today from the State of Michigan. A vanity plate for my van. Vanity. Get it? Not funny? No? Okay. Well, you’re no fun. I considered getting this for a while, but I finally pulled the trigger on it. I did not imagine that it would be on a […]

  • Empathy vs Apathy

  • Take a Left at the Parietal Lobe

  • Just Do It

  • Hello world!

    I’m trying this whole WordPress thing, again. This time with a managed plan from Bluehost. Welcome back to arohen.com, once again using WordPress, only this time on Bluehost. This is my first post, hopefully of many. Now, let’s get this place cleaned up and put back together.

  • The Old Stuff

    I noticed tonight that all the old posts from arohen.com and ronnmccarrick.com have disappeared. I knew that would happen, but it sure makes for an ugly mess. I would like to get all those posts back up, but I’m not sure if I want to go through the headache of doing that before I decide […]

  • Welcome

    Just a note here to let you know that I’ve redirected both arohen.com and ronnmccarrick.com to this page until such time as I decide what to do with those domains/sites. So I welcome you to my new Blogger site, Creative Investigator. At this point, Blogger seems to do most of what I want, only with […]

  • Decision Time

    Lunarpages has deleted my account from their servers. Which means that the websites for both ronnmccarrick.com and arohen.com have disappeared from the internet. So if you go to those places, they will not be there. You’ve been warned. Now the decision becomes whether to reopen shop with a new host, leave well enough alone, or […]