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  • Seventh Sword

    I don’t typically do this kind of write up of the audiobooks I listen to. Usually, I throw up a paragraph on the audible review and repost it to my Facebook page. But I thought I’d make an exception with this series, because I need content for my blog, because my Facebook posts don’t really […]

  • Listen While You Work

    I am a big fan of the audiobook. I spend a lot of time in the van and given the choice between the radio and an audiobook, I will choose the audiobook almost every time. Sure, I listen to the news first thing in the morning, sometimes I enjoy the Dan Patrick Show (sometimes I […]

  • 2018 Stats

    Here’s my much delayed 2019 graphic and here’s hoping that everyone had a great New Year celebration and is ready to get started on 2019. If not, too bad. It’s already begun. So, like everyone else, my email was full of year end summaries and reviews at the beginning of January. Let’s take a look […]

  • Listening to Everything

    I just finished listening to Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Dungeons & Dragons by Shelly Mazzanoble. Have you ever wondered about the female point of view at the gaming table? It’s maybe not what you were expecting. Or at least, Shelly, is not what I was expecting. There’s not a lot of […]

  • Saturday Scramble

    Woke up a bit late, 8 am, and got straight to work on my laundry. Made pancakes. Cleaned the garage a bit and put away the Christmas wreaths, before realizing that it was just too cold to try and use wood glue with any expectation of success. I picked up the plywood to build the […]

  • The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding

    The essential elements for building a world? I hesitated in using a $12 credit to buy this one. It’s short. Really short. Audible says, 4 hours and 42 minutes, and I tend to not spend my audible credits on anything less than 10-hours long. But I fell for their marketing and took the creative leap […]

  • A Natural History of Dragons

    A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent By: Marie Brennan Narrated by: Kate Reading Series: Memoirs by Lady Trent, Book 1 Length: 10 hrs and 16 mins (Unabridged) Publisher: Macmillan Audio Audible Rating: 4.3 (879 ratings) I am convinced that I liked this book more than I think I did. It was […]

  • Bloodstone

    “The truth? What the Hell is the truth? We’re born, we live and we die. Everything else is just shades of opinion.” Book three in the Jon Shannow series and the end of his part in the Sipstrassi, the Stones of Power.  After 20 years of peace and pacifism, Jon Caid is pushed too far […]

  • The Last Guardian

    “Jon Shannow, the King of Kings has spoken the words of your death. I am Rhodaeul the Hunter. Do you have anything to say before you die?’ ‘No,’ said Shannow, palming his gun and blasting Rhodaeul from the saddle. The Atlantean hit the ground hard, a hammering pain in his chest; he tried to draw […]

  • Finally Finished Jerusalem

    Jerusalem Written by Alan Moore Narrated by Simon Vance 2016 | 60 hours, 41 minutes | 600,000 words Publisher’s Summary Winner, 2017 APA Audie Awards – Best Male Narrator Fierce in its imagining and stupefying in its scope, Jerusalem is the tale of everything, told from a vanished gutter.   In the epic novel Jerusalem, Alan Moore channels […]

  • It's a Little Different

    I picked this collection from audible.com  earlier this week, all 22 of the Oz books written by L. Frank Baum. Outside of the classic movie and those Wicked novels, I really haven’t had any exposure to the Land of Oz. I didn’t read those books as a child, but as an adult I find myself […]

  • Tarzan

      Not too long ago I listened to the first two Tarzan novels on audiobook. In particular, I picked up The Tarzan Duology from audible,  narrated by Finn J.D. John. The books are pretty different from the old TV shows. In a ‘way better’ sort of way. With the 20% off coupon Barnes & Noble […]