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  • Just When You Think It's Done

    Yesterday, Lady Ronn pointed out that the floor in front of the laundry room was damp… So that can mean only one thing; the tub/shower is leaking. Not leaking like a stream, but leaking so that nobody notices it immediately. Not great news. I turned on the tub and went downstairs to check things out. […]

  • Another Friday the 13th

    Wednesday night I cut and fitted the trim pieces for the bathroom. I figure I’ll paint them before I put them up. Then it’ll just be some caulking and touch-up. Which should make things easier. Still haven’t sanded or painted all the pieces yet… I guess that’ll be a Saturday project. Thursday, well, that’s a […]

  • Functionally, It's Done

    Oh sure, there’s lots of stuff left to do. Floor trim and quarter round on top of that, towel bars and paper holder hung, medicine cabinet and vanity mirror put up, gotta do something about the bath fan, then there are doors for the shower and the bathroom itself, but functionally; functionally it’s done and […]

  • It'll Work Out In The End

    I did not get the vanity in place yesterday, or today, for a variety of reasons. First among those is all the wall opening, plumbing rerouting, and drywall repair that I was not expecting to do. But all of that is done now. The vanity fits. The valves don’t leak. The valves are accessible. And […]

  • Quick Bathroom Update #3

    I dragged the vanity and sink top upstairs and into the bathroom. I slid the vanity into place and realized that this isn’t going to work. There is a center rib on the back of the cabinet that is there to hold the brackets for the drawers, it is also perfectly lined up with the […]

  • Quick Bathroom Update #2

    Despite some uncertainty in the plumbing department–everything seems to be holding and there are no leaks–the toilet has been seated, filled with water, and tested. Everything checks out and is working properly at this time.

  • Quick Bathroom Update #1

    Bathroom floor is down. And moving on to plumbing and getting the toilet set.

  • Flooring Has Begun

    There were a few things that had to be taken care of before the flooring could start tonight. In particular, I forgot that the transition from the hallway to the bathroom wasn’t finished. That required a couple pieces of particle board to be cut and fitted  in the base of the door frame. It’s done, […]

  • Truckcast #124: Structure is Good

    This is a fairly organized, if rather long, episode of the Truckcast w/ Ronn McCarrick. This time around I’ll be discussing a couple of movies–Warcraft and Justice League, how things are going on my bathroom remodel–drywall, and primer, and my thoughts on the future of the Truckcast–recording in one noisy-ass truck. So get comfortable (this one […]

  • That's Very White

    It’s Easter Sunday and I hope the bunny brought you lots of goodies and put all the colored eggs in not too difficult places to find. Yesterday, was a day full of white paint. It started with primer, which was just touching up all the bits of raw mud I created while patching all the […]

  • Working My Tail Off

    Tomorrow is the big day! They’re coming to install my new garage door and all the goodies that go with it. Tonight I came home and moved stuff around in the garage, so that they’ve got room to work their magic. Moving stuff around meant putting stuff away and organizing, which needed to be done, […]

  • Bathroom: Sanding is Done

    I finished up my sanding and put some PVA primer on the walls. I still need to vacuum the floor really well and then cut in the floor, but I had a issue with my Shop-Vac on Saturday. Seems, the filter got clogged and came loose from the weight and the bag blew apart…. I […]