Yesterday, Lady Ronn pointed out that the floor in front of the laundry room was damp…

bad news

So that can mean only one thing; the tub/shower is leaking. Not leaking like a stream, but leaking so that nobody notices it immediately. Not great news.
I turned on the tub and went downstairs to check things out. Nothing. I turned on the shower and went back downstairs. Spatter. Spatter. Drip. That’s weird.
It was definitely leaking, but had a weird splash drip sort of thing going on and I couldn’t see anything looking up from the basement. Pulled the handle and valve cover off and it’s wet in there, but seems to be coming from above. Crawled up on the tub and sure enough there is a dribble of water coming out of the wall, the escutcheon is covering a soggy bit of wall board and the paint is floating. Time to get the saw out.
Plumbing is leaking at the union of the finished shower nipple and the brass elbow. I might have been able to fix it without cutting the wall, but I didn’t know the extent of the problem. And after putting a full turn on it, still weeping. So, I’m going to pull out the pipe and redo the tape, but I’ll let this dry out for a couple of days before putting it back together and patching the drywall. Baths only for a few days.

Wednesday night I cut and fitted the trim pieces for the bathroom. I figure I’ll paint them before I put them up. Then it’ll just be some caulking and touch-up. Which should make things easier. Still haven’t sanded or painted all the pieces yet… I guess that’ll be a Saturday project.
Thursday, well, that’s a school night. So what I’m saying to you is that nothing got done on the bathroom. Although, now that I think about it, I did do a bit of shopping on amazon for shower curtain rods. I want a curved one, or two, that won’t rust. Because, when they say moisture resistant, what they’re really saying is, this thing is gonna rust. Trust me. That’s what they’re saying. I’ve been down this road before.
Tonight, I installed the medicine cabinet and picked up my tools a bit. It’s still a mess, but my piles of tools are a bit more organized. Now I’m waiting for my Chinese dinner to be delivered by the wonderful Lady Ronn.
No pictures tonight. I’ll save the pictures until I have something more significant to show.
The plan for tomorrow is finishing the trim, caulking, and hanging the accessories.

Oh sure, there’s lots of stuff left to do. Floor trim and quarter round on top of that, towel bars and paper holder hung, medicine cabinet and vanity mirror put up, gotta do something about the bath fan, then there are doors for the shower and the bathroom itself, but functionally; functionally it’s done and everything works.

vanity is set to go

cluttered with tools

The walls are up and finished. The floor is down. Shower is in and plumbed. Toilet is in and plumbed. And as of last night, I can say, the vanity is in and plumbed.
The office, however, is looking a little worse for wear as the project closes in on completion. It’s probably time to put some of these tools away.

I did not get the vanity in place yesterday, or today, for a variety of reasons. First among those is all the wall opening, plumbing rerouting, and drywall repair that I was not expecting to do. But all of that is done now. The vanity fits. The valves don’t leak. The valves are accessible. And you’d almost never know that I had to cut a hole in the wall. I had to cut a spacer for the side of the vanity and I’m staining it to match, but that’s not going as fast as I’d like. I also had to order a side-splash thing, because my walls are not square and I have nearly a half-inch gap on the right side. Which is super frustrating, because I didn’t frame either of these walls. Oh well, it’ a old house.

shut off valves in place with plenty of clearance

As I had to wait for that stain to set up before I can darken it up, sand, finish, what-not. I took some time to start setting up the sink faucet and drain. Things are stuck in waiting mode. Can’t cut the trim until the vanity is in place. Can’t place the vanity until the spacer is in place. Can’t sand or restain the spacer until it’s fully dry. But with all that said, I think I did okay this weekend. We can use the tub and the toilet, but doing either would require a decided lack of modesty, as there is no door in place šŸ˜‰
faucet and drain in place

I dragged the vanity and sink top upstairs and into the bathroom. I slid the vanity into place and realized that this isn’t going to work. There is a center rib on the back of the cabinet that is there to hold the brackets for the drawers, it is also perfectly lined up with the drain and water line. I tried to think of someway to re-engineer the cabinet, but no can do.Ā  So, plumbing is going to need to be moved. Let’s cut into the wall…

it took a lot longer than this gif

I know that drywall patch looks terrible. I’ll be putting a second coat of mud over it, but it’ll be behind the vanity and no one will see it, until the next remodel. I feel bad about it, but not as bad as I feel about having to cut into my new wall. Grrr…

There were a few things that had to be taken care of before the flooring could start tonight. In particular, I forgot that the transition from the hallway to the bathroom wasn’t finished. That required a couple pieces of particle board to be cut and fittedĀ  in the base of the door frame. It’s done, but not something I had figured into my plan for tonight. I also put up the light fixture above the forthcoming vanity, caulked the base of the tub in preparation for the floor, installed the wall diffuser, and spent way too much time cleaning the sub-floor of drywall mud, paint, sawdust, and other assorted goodies. But I did get started on the vinyl plank flooring.

vanity lamp

allure vinyl plank flooring

And, yes, it is going far slower than I imagined it would. I could push and finish it tonight, but no. I’m done until tomorrow.
Against all common sense, I’m going to tell you what I think will get done tomorrow… Finish the flooring. Then redo the plumbing and set the toilet. And finally, bring the vanity up from the basement and put it, the sink, and the faucet in place. I’d like to think that I’d be getting the trim cut and painted in there somewhere, but I’m probably overestimating things already.

This is a fairly organized, if rather long, episode of the Truckcast w/ Ronn McCarrick. This time around I’ll be discussing a couple of movies–Warcraft andĀ Justice League, how things are going on my bathroom remodel–drywall, and primer, and my thoughts on the future of the Truckcast–recording in one noisy-ass truck. So get comfortable (this one runs nearly 40-minutes), grab a drink, and allow me to entertain your brain.

It’s Easter Sunday and I hope the bunny brought you lots of goodies and put all the colored eggs in not too difficult places to find.
Yesterday, was a day full of white paint. It started with primer, which was just touching up all the bits of raw mud I created while patching all the rough spots in my drywall work. Then I cut in the ceiling with some old white paint, which wasn’t the same color as the new white paint, which I didn’t realize until I had run out of the old white paint while rolling out the ceiling and had to switch over to the new white paint. So… I had to cut in the ceiling all over again and roll the whole thing out one more time. It was frustrating, but I think the results are very white.

As can be seen in these very white pictures, which showcase three very distinct shades of pale.



more white

Today, the plan is to make some breakfast, clean up the mess, and then get to putting some color on the walls. We’ve chosen a lovely shade of taupe, which I’m sure will nicely showcase all the faults in my drywall work. I’m hoping to get the floor down today and maybe even get the toilet set.
Happy Easter.

Tomorrow is the big day! They’re coming to install my new garage door and all the goodies that go with it.
Tonight I came home and moved stuff around in the garage, so that they’ve got room to work their magic. Moving stuff around meant putting stuff away and organizing, which needed to be done, but still, I’ve got other things going right now… But I did it. That’s done. Then I went through and touched up about a half-dozen small spots in my drywall where there were pock marks or missed spots and in a pair of corners that just didn’t look right. I’ll let those dry and then dab some primer on them and be good to paint.
Speaking of which, I found some semi-gloss white in the basement that I’m going to use on the ceiling. Why semi-gloss? Because it’s a bathroom and because I want as much protection from the water,Ā  steam, and moisture as I can create. So, semi-gloss paint on all the walls AND the ceiling. It just holds up better than satin or eggshell, and I wouldn’t even consider a flat.
Then I started editing a Truckcast while I ate some tacos, worked on my house plan for my duct design class, and then I realize you hadn’t gotten a post today. So here I am, putting up a post. The Truckcast isn’t done, so that’ll be up Friday, what with school tomorrow and all that jazz.
Lot’s going on here at home and at work. Things are busy, busy, busy. But I did take the time to make this .gif of my face. I was going to use it in place of that profile picture over there on the right, but it didn’t work. No .gifs allowed. Which is kind of a bummer. But I’ll share it with you, because we’re tight like that.

I finished up my sanding and put some PVA primer on the walls. I still need to vacuum the floor really well and then cut in the floor, but I had a issue with my Shop-Vac on Saturday. Seems, the filter got clogged and came loose from the weight and the bag blew apart…. I turned around and the hallway was just one big cloud of drywall dust. Anyway, here’s what things look like after one coat of primer.

first coat of primer

still a bit of a mess

I used the Kilz primer this time and I really like it. Last time, I used Behr and the coverage was terrible. It just seemed really thin and watered down. I think I used three coats, and probably could have done with some touch-up after even that. With the Kilz PVA primer the coverage was a little better, still not great, but the best part is that it goes on grey and dries white, which is super handy for 1.) knowing what’s been painted and what hasn’t and 2.) knowing when it’s dry enough to repaint.
Overall, things a looking good. Ceiling seems to be passable and the walls are not telegraphing a bunch of flaws. My corners and edges could be straighter (they’re a bit wavy), but definitely passable. I only had to go and touch up four places, and none of those was very large. I’m starting to think that this may work out.