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  • Office Book Infusion

    My wife left me on Thursday and I spent the last few days in a bad way. Well, I imagine that grabbed your attention. Not to worry. Nothing crazy has transpired. Lady Ronn will be back on Monday or Tuesday, I should probably know which, but I have husband ears and such matters require little […]

  • Book Haul

    The Last Boy Scout by Dan Becker. Did you know there was a novelization of The Last Boy Scout? I didn’t. I love that movie. I just had to buy that book. HAD TO. I’m interested to see if it translates to the written page. My suspicion is that without Bruce Willis, it won’t. But […]

  • Listening to Appendix N

    One of my more recent purchases from Audible was worthy of being mentioned here at arohenRPG. Clocking in at 10-hours and 22-minutes, Appendix N: The Literary History of Dungeons & Dragons, written by Jeffro Johnson, narrated by Brandon Porter, and published by Castalia House, is an investigation into the various works of science fiction and […]

  • Birthdays and Grammar

    Well, today was my son’s birthday. Tyler turned 13. He’s a teen now. I tried to call him and got the machine. He never called back, not that they ever do, so I’m left to assume that he didn’t get my message. Great. Another father of the year vote for me. Anyway, my grandfather is […]