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  • Tonight's Class Cancelled

    I did pretty well last week, posting every day. This week has been less good. I’ve been playing around with both my microphone and camera set-ups in anticipation of getting back to the podcasting and video posting. Nothing on either front yet, but I’m working on it. Next week is the last week of the […]

  • Office Tweaks

    So we picked up a cat tree for our cat. The brown is not quite the color it appeared to be in the ad, but it’s pet furniture and my other choices were white, black, and blue. Brown seemed like the best choice. She likes the rope. She likes the top perch. But the hammock, […]

  • ArohenTV Short Rant

    I said I’d put it up,  and so I have. Here’s my short rant about people reacting to the AmazonPrime price hike that was announced a few days back. In other news, I put up the mirrored closet doors in the craftroom tonight. The cat seems to like them.

  • Post Something, Anything

    I was looking for inspiration for a post today and I came up empty. Killian, our cat, is going in to get fixed tomorrow morning. Shouldn’t that be broken? Whatever, you know what’s going to happen and it’s happening tomorrow. That makes for a terrible post. What else you got? I have this amusing animation […]