Yesterday, Lady Ronn pointed out that the floor in front of the laundry room was damp…

bad news

So that can mean only one thing; the tub/shower is leaking. Not leaking like a stream, but leaking so that nobody notices it immediately. Not great news.
I turned on the tub and went downstairs to check things out. Nothing. I turned on the shower and went back downstairs. Spatter. Spatter. Drip. That’s weird.
It was definitely leaking, but had a weird splash drip sort of thing going on and I couldn’t see anything looking up from the basement. Pulled the handle and valve cover off and it’s wet in there, but seems to be coming from above. Crawled up on the tub and sure enough there is a dribble of water coming out of the wall, the escutcheon is covering a soggy bit of wall board and the paint is floating. Time to get the saw out.
Plumbing is leaking at the union of the finished shower nipple and the brass elbow. I might have been able to fix it without cutting the wall, but I didn’t know the extent of the problem. And after putting a full turn on it, still weeping. So, I’m going to pull out the pipe and redo the tape, but I’ll let this dry out for a couple of days before putting it back together and patching the drywall. Baths only for a few days.

I spent a good part of last night and this afternoon clearing out Lady Ronn’s craft/office space, with the intention that part of her Christmas gift would be putting down the flooring to make the space more user friendly and more finished.
The argument could be made that everyone would be happier if I finished the main bathroom. And I would agree. However, two points against that argument. First, that wouldn’t really be a gift for her, that would be something for everyone in the house. Second, there is no way I can get the main bathroom finished in a day or two. I can put down a floor in that amount of time. So that’s what I decided to do.
I pulled out the shelves and the desk, cleaned out the closet and the shelves that were in there, and I removed all the other clutter that has gathered in that room. Then I swept and vacuumed the floor, ensured none of the nails were popped, and took the doors down. We debated about carpeting the room when we do the rest of the basement, but between the clay, the paint, and the glue that is sure to be used in this room, carpet seemed impractical. So I figured to use the same wood-look vinyl sheet flooring that I used in the bath and laundry rooms.
That didn’t work out.

Well, there goes that idea. Anyone want a piece of flooring that is about 10×12?
I was just rolling it out to cut when I realized how much was not on the roll. My intention was to actually run it the other way, with the lines perpendicular to the doorway. There’s not enough to go that way either. So much for that gift idea. The best part of it all, is that the piece of flooring is exactly large enough to do nothing with. Well, I guess I could use it in the main bath, but no. Not doing that. I guess it’s time to go to the home center and let her take another look at flooring options.
See, not all of my projects work out.