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  • DAS Clay

    I put it half a day of work today and a full day yesterday. Today, I spent the morning snaking out a nasty-ass sink drain and getting quite messy. It wasn’t great. This afternoon I dug out some DAS Modelling clay out of my craft supplies and started making stalagmites for the cave diorama. I […]

  • Jumping in the Deep End

    I’ve been thinking about getting back on the RPG wagon and running a game of Dungeons & Dragons. It’s been a while, a long while, and first things first, I need to refamiliarize myself with the rules and then find three to five players. So, this is not a thing that’s going to happen tomorrow […]

  • A Little Something

    If you have seen the boxed set of 8 D&D mini notebooks… well, I want you to know just how small they are. They are mini. So small in fact as to basically be useless. They’re front shirt pocket small. I’d give you the dimensions, but that won’t really tell you anything. Let me show […]

  • Prime Video Finds

    After another evening of watching Poledark with the lovely Lady Ronn, I was scrolling through Amazon Prime Video and came across something that I didn’t know existed. A documentary about the art of Dungeons & Dragons back in the old TSR days. I immediately started watching it, which probably was not appreciated by everyone in […]

  • Live Action D&D Cartoon

    In September of 1983 I was very excited about the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. It took all of one episode for me to recognize that it was not realizing my vision for a saturday morning cartoon based on my favorite game. I was disappointed and didn’t much care for the cartoon. But through the lense […]

  • Frederic the Idleman

    FREDERIC as played by Zach“Idleman” Male Muirhaut Rogue, 1st-level / Herald, 1st-level Reputation 1 Social Rank 13 Strength 12  (+1) Fort. Save +2 Dexterity 17  (+3) Ref. Save +8 Constitution 15  (+2) Will Save +1 Intelligence 15  (+2) Alignment Regulus Wisdom 9  (-1) Speed 20 ft. Charisma 9  (-1) Size M ( 3′ ) Armor […]

  • Juzzah

    Freeman turned pirate, Juzzah, is a bundle of contradictions. Trained in hand-to-hand by the gaikahn and in the blade by the heralds. Now he’s trying his hand as a wandering adventurer.

  • Kaida

    Kaida was born and orphaned during the battle of Belisk in 35,720. Both of her parents disappeared during the fierce battles that raged during the short war between Belisk and Lenta. She does not remember her parents and believes them to be dead.

  • Alora O'Donnall

    Alora was brought up in a small farm community just on the outskirts of The Skorr. She spent a very happy childhood growing up in a loving, hard working home. Though she lived the life of a farm girl, she learned many important lessons throughout her short life.

  • Aeolus Ettuareas

    I am the fifth, and last, son of Doreius Kosmas. A moderately wealthy minotaur who was not expecting another mouth to feed. My father says my birth was an accident, my mother that it was a miracle and a blessing. Children are rare amongst women of my mothers age, to have a child so late in life is a somewhat auspicious event. Children born under such conditions are said to be of strong seed, and many such children go on to do great things, or to die trying to do great things.

  • Chum

    Growing up in the fisherman’s village of Tront was not exactly an adventurers dream. But for the simple folk that lived there, life was good. There was ample food for all seasons in the many fish that lived in the seas. There were weekly festivals in the town square where everyone gathered to celebrate their good fortunes. For those in hard times, the people of Tront were always willing to lend a hand to those in need. They had all they needed, and wanted for very little.

  • Connor Wright

    Twenty-eight years ago, a babe was born to Charles and Nancy Wagonwright. This child was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps and build wagons all his life, it seemed. Then he would marry and have children of his own and they too would build wagons all their lives. This was how it had been in his family for more generations than anyone could recall. And this was how everyone in the city of Clayton thought it would be for generations to come.