Enough is enough. I’m getting off the social media sites I don’t use. I don’t need these accounts. I’m not socializing with anyone on these sites. It’s time to pull the plug.

So what am I getting rid of? Google+ is going away anyway (was it ever really here?), so deleting that account was just housecleaning. I’ve deleted my Twitter account, a platform that I never had much use for. And as I write this, I’m on the fence about Facebook. Really, since I can no longer share posts from my website automatically, all I use Facebook for is birthday reminders and posting Audible books as I finish them. After debating about it, I’m going to keep it, but I don’t have any good reasons why.

I still like browsing images, so I’ll be keeping my Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest accounts. I just recently created a Reddit account, so that’ll be around until I realize I don’t use it. LinkedIn seems like a thing I should keep, you know, for the profession and all. And my YouTube account is still a thing. Hopefully, I can get back to making some video and it’ll be more of a thing. No promises.

how i feel about facebook

So… I guess what I’m really saying is that I deleted my Twitter and Google+ accounts. Which is really a pretty “meh” announcement. Later

If you’re not seeing this, it’s because you only look at my stuff on Facebook. Which is a place most of my posts will no longer be seen. Facebook recently changed their rules on who/what can post to personal pages and as a result my website has been disconnected.

Facebook no longer supports Publicize connections to Facebook Profiles, but you can still connect Facebook Pages. Please select a Facebook Page to publish updates to.

Basically, the posts here will no longer be picked up and posted to my Facebook profile page automatically. Which is a bummer, because I’m pretty certain that’s how most of my audience finds my posts. My site is still reposting to Twitter, Google+, and Tumblr, but not the big one that we’re all using, Facebook.

I do have the option of creating a Facebook Page. What we all have isn’t a Page, it’s a Profile… it’s a Facebook thing. But don’t think I’ll do that. I don’t really want more Facebook stuff to deal with, besides would arohen be a Business/Brand or would it be a Community/Public Figure? I think it would be a brand, but that implies I’ve got something to sell. There isn’t an arohen community and I am not any sort of public figure. You see the dilemma I’m facing. There was that time I made the cover of GrandRapids magazine.

the flower whisperer

So, while I don’t want you to miss out on anything, I’m afraid that Facebook doesn’t feel the same way. So if you want to be up on the latest and greatest goings on around these parts you’ll have to use one of the services that are still allowing me to share: Google+, Twitter, or Tumblr.

The other options are to add my RSS feed to your aggregator or subscribe to the blog via email to get my content.

And thank you for your patronage.