It is time for the biggest event of the summer, July 4th-7th, somewhere in the metro Detroit area…

doug con

This is it! The biggest basement board game bash in years. Virtually non-stop gaming. Beer, sandwiches, pizza, or Thai, or maybe burgers… heck, there might be hotdogs. Hell, this thing is going on for 4-days, it might be all of those things. Whatever works. People will be eating and what they’ll be eating will be food. I guarantee it.

many dice will be rolled

Prepare yourself to sleep on a camp mat, bunk bed, or maybe in the free bedroom. First come, first choice. But bring your games… all of them. You’re going to need them.

Okay, so this thing started yesterday at my buddy Doug’s house, but it was the 4th and I spent that here with the fam. Today, I’m stuck at home waiting on delivery of a very expensive motor for my “nuclear pharmacy”. I call it that because they make and distribute all the radioactive stuff for treating cancer and what not. Anyway, they’ve got some broken shit and I need to fix it, but the motor didn’t arrive yet and the tracking info says today. Hopefully sooner rather than later. once it gets here I’m off to gaming nirvana.

stuff and things


The wedding of my sister-in-law to her handsome groom has come and gone. It was last weekend and I didn’t get around to mentioning it. Congratulations Josh and Kristen, I wish you many very happy years of wedded bliss. And Josh, I wasn’t kidding. That was a pretty swanky gala and I think it’d be great if you threw one every year! You know, for the family.
Thursday was the graduation ceremony for my youngest boy. The whole gang turned out to watch him walk and it went without a hitch, despite the heat and a stadium full of 18-year-olds and their parents. He made it out of high school and into world with only minor bumps and bruises. Now, despite the assertion that those were the longest, hardest, worst 4-years of a persons life (they’re not—that’d be middle school) it only gets more challenging from here on out. I wish him well and hope he finds his luck.
This weekend is the big summer kick-off. My mother-in-law is here. Summer is here. I cleaned up the patio and got the furniture set up and washed down. The grill is ready and waiting for me to make shish-ka-bob tomorrow. Because that’s what I want to do and it’s my Memorial Day. That’s why.
It’s a 101°F in my garage with the door open… I think I liked it better when I just thought it felt like a hundred degrees in the garage, now with the thermometer on the garage door opener I actually know it. Does not make things better.
So despite the 3-day holiday weekend, my math class is online, so no ‘day off’ from that. And if you needed proof that all this school has got me feeling the pressure. Here it is: arohenRPG. Yep, despite a 10-year hiatus from the pen and paper tabletop roleplaying stuff, I’m feeling the bug. So of course I had to waste some time on that by putting some of my old stuff together and creating a section of the website for it… probably not the best use of my time. But WtH, a guys gotta have some fun. You’ll find the link up at the top of the page if you’re into that kind of thing.

I was big into City of Heroes, the online MMORPG, for about 5-months. But eventually I drifted away from it, just like I did with all of the other online games I’ve played. I was so into it that I started a blog to chronicle the adventures of one of my characters, that didn’t get very far. But for a short while I was really into it and had a lot of fun. The reason that I bring this up is because I thought my account was closing on the 5th, but apparently I had it set up to auto renew. And now I have the option of playing again anytime for the next 6-months. Lucky me. So allow me to offer you this bit of advice, if you’re going to let something expire due to lack of interest, make sure you don’t have it set to auto renew. I’m just saying.
Tonight I started patching some of my rather large holes in my blogging history with little bits from my files that I think are moderately interesting or well done or that I just want to archive online. I threw up a couple of backgrounds for roleplaying characters I made for superhero games that my buddy Doug ran a while back (see the tie-in with City of Heroes, eh. Eh. Aren’t I clever). Nothing spectacular, but I’ve got all these character write-ups on my machine and I figured I’d throw them on my blog. Just because I have them, I think I’ll add the character backgrounds that my player’s created for my games. You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly who was into it and who was just doing it because I asked for them.
Writing wise, I made some notes on what my characters want and what is standing in the way of them getting what they want. As well as writing down their motivations and all of the background information that I’ve been carrying around in my head. I figured I’d better get it down on paper before I lose it. And that has happened in the past. I also surfed the web a bit to try and figure what my options were for setting. I’m leaning toward the vast empty places in the country, the desert south west or maybe somewhere in the Dakotas. But for the most part I’ve not done much work on anything tonight.
I picked up my chest of drawers tonight, so the bedroom is coming together. But get this… I discovered as I was moving the TV stand/dresser into place and getting things set up; my master bedroom isn’t wired for cable. WTF. I talked to the maintenance guy about it and he was pretty much clueless. He told me that it’d probably be expensive to have Comcast fish the cable through the wall. Maybe, probably, who cares… shouldn’t the apartment complex take care of that? I mean who doesn’t have a cable hook up in the bedroom? Oh well, so I have a project ahead of me. In the meantime, I have a cable stretched from the unused cable outlet in the second bedroom, down the hall, and into the master bedroom. It’s very classy. Also, it’s a lot of fun at night when the lights are out. And by fun I mean dangerous. I’m going to end up tripping and falling down the stairs. Let’s hope not. Later.