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  • Biology Grade Posted

    All my math the other day turned out to be right. I earned an A in Biology 101. And I’m very happy with that. I pulled the grades from a different place this time, so they’re formated a little differently… Also, can you imagine how different my life would be if I had worked this […]

  • Biology Breakdown

    The final grade hasn’t been posted, but class is over and all the quizzes, labs, tests, and assignments have been graded and posted to Blackboard. All of the numbers are there. We have all the pertinent information. Let’s see if we can’t figure out how this will turn out. You know what, wait. I want […]

  • Grades – Fall 2018

    My grades have been posted to the GRCC website. As expected, I did well in both of the HVAC classes I took this semester. Though I don’t feel like I got as much out of either of them as I would have liked. That’s partially my fault; I didn’t do much of the assigned reading. […]

  • Giving Myself Options

    My final grade for that electronics class has posted, and as expected, I earned a grade of C. Good enough. Not great, but really, just glad to be done with that one. School’s out for me until the end of August when the winter semester stats and I’m very happy for the break. I still […]

  • Schools Out For Summer

    Well, that’s done. My class load for the summer has come to an end. It was not a fantastic semester for me, but as I’m all about telling you when I get good grades, I suppose I should tell you about the bad grades as well. I mentioned already that after lots of very hard work […]

  • One Down, One To Go

    TE103 – Intermediate Technical Math Online has finished. On Friday, I went to the testing center and took two tests: Test 4 and the Final Exam. I could have skipped the final if I had taken Test 3, done well, and not wanted to attempt to replace my lowest test grade, but a medical emergency […]

  • Extinction Level Event

    A few things to share. 1.) Still having issues keeping the site malware free. I was  going to take it apart and restore from a back-up, but I made the mistake of thinking that the Pro Backup service that comes with my Pro package at Bluehost was actually a thing… it’s not. So I need […]

  • Final Grade

    The grade for my final exam in HVACR Electronic Controls has been posted. Going into the final exam I had missed a whopping 4 Points on all of my combined assignments and grades. The final was a little tougher than I expected, having far more detailed explanations required than I have found in most of […]

  • Report Card, Fall 2017

    The final exam for my Air Conditioning Theory class was last Tuesday. I just checked to see if the grades were posted. They were. So here is my report card for the Fall 2017 semester. I wish I could say I was happy about those two A- grades, but I’m not. If my math is […]