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  • Canvas Print Map

    Here’s an idea that maybe you haven’t thought of, or maybe you have. How about using those canvas print offers on Groupon to print your world map on a large canvas. Hmmm… that might be cool.

  • Wonderdraft

    Wonderdraft is a reasonably priced and easy to use bit of software that makes very nice maps. Here are my thoughts on it, the support it has in the world building community, and some of the maps I’ve created with the toolset.

  • Somehow, I Missed This for 30-years

    I have a very soft spot in my heart for TSR’s World of Greyhawk—if not the campaign setting, definitely the map. It’s one of my favorites. That may be because it was my first exposure to a D&D world setting. But this, this I never noticed. The lake of unknown depths is very obviously Lake […]

  • Saturday Scramble

    Woke up a bit late, 8 am, and got straight to work on my laundry. Made pancakes. Cleaned the garage a bit and put away the Christmas wreaths, before realizing that it was just too cold to try and use wood glue with any expectation of success. I picked up the plywood to build the […]