I feel like I just wrote one of these for Eddie Money.

Ric Ocasek passed away today. He was 75. I remember him as the lead singer/rhythm guitarist for The Cars, but he also had a bunch of solo albums. I have all The Cars albums, but Fireball Zone is the only one of those solo albums I own.The Cars were one of my favorite bands, right up until I saw them in concert back in 1985. I was not impressed with The Cars in concert. But I can still remember jammin’ out to My Best Friend’s Girl, Shake It Up, Hello Again, and a bunch of others in the car.

The Cars made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year, but I didn’t watch the ceremony. I think it’s available on one of the services I pay for. I should look that up. I haven’t listened to The Cars or Ric’s solo stuff much at all of late, but it still sad to see all these artists I loved in high school passing away. It makes me take stock of my own mortality.

Here’s some Cars music to remember the good times.

Shake It Up
Since You’re Gone
Dangerous Type

Eddie Money passed away this morning at the age of 70. He’d been having some health issues and it sounds like there were complications from a recent surgery. I have 7 albums by Eddie Money in my collection. Two of those are compilation/greatest hits albums. He was never one of my go-to artists, but he was always one that made me think, I should listen to more of that, whenever he showed up in my random playlist. Not for the big hits like Two Tickets or Shakin’, but for songs like the three I’m including below.

Walk On Water
My Friends, My Friends
Passing By the Graveyard

I am a child of the 80s and I remember the music of Eddie Money fondly. I was sorry to hear that he’d passed. But I’m thankful for the music.

I find a lot of good music recommended to me on the local public radio station. The artists that come immediately to mind are Fountains of Wayne, Dom Flemons, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Superchunk, and Pokey LaFarge. At least two of those I listen to regularly and I have albums by all of them.

But an artist that I discovered via Fresh Air with Terry Gross has become one of the staples of my playlists and a favorite musician. That musician is Jason Isbell, who does a sort of alternative country, southern rock, americana style of music. It’s hard for me to pin down his genre, I just think of him as a singer-songwriter who’s doing his own thing. I don’t remember if I heard the interview above first, or if it was the 2013 album review by Ken Tucker, where he said…

“No music moved me more, did more to make me think about life a bit differently, than Jason Isbell’s continually revelatory album Southeastern. It cohered as a statement about love, regret, loneliness and joy, and also about what it’s like to make vernacular music concerning these themes. It was self-conscious without being self-absorbed.”

Ken Tucker

Whichever came first, I have really enjoyed everything I’ve heard from this artist. I haven’t heard it all, but I have six of his albums in my collection and they’re all part of my regular playlist.

  • Sirens of the Ditch (2007)
  • Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit (2009)
  • Here We Rest (2011)
  • Southeastern (2013)
  • Something More Than Free (2015)
  • The Nashville Sound (2017)

Apparently, he was also a member of the band, Drive By Truckers, from 2001-2007. I haven’t listened to anything by them, so I have no knowledge or opinion of that music.

Jason Isbell – Traveling Alone

Music recommendations are not a usual thing I do, and I’m certainly in no position to be reviewing music, but in this case I really wanted to share this one. Thank you NPR for exposing me to this guy and his music. If you’d like to check it out, and I recommend you do, you can find his stuff on any of these services:

Apple Music
Play Music

Categorize this as “just something Ronn likes” and take it or leave it as you will. Later.

I managed to procrastinate enough yesterday, that the snow started falling and I couldn’t mow the lawn. But I did get the podcast edited and pieced together; that’ll be up on Tuesday. Today’s temps are going back into the high 50’s, so there’s no putting it off… I gotta mow the lawn and all that goes with it.

We have a dog.

Enough said.

I checked my grades this morning, but there’s still nothing posted for the Winter semester. That picture I used as the feature image is from my mother, she’s on another whirlwind tour of europe. Lucky lady. I ordered two more canvas prints of maps I’ve made, so I’ll be able to take down my existing real world map and replace it with my own personal fantasy lands. Anybody have any ideas for a arohenTV video? Lady Ronn made it into the GRCC magazine, Display, Winter 2019 edition. Congratulations on that.

published work

In recording my podcast, I had this weird intermittent issue with crackle and static in my microphone. It absolutely wrecked a couple different takes and I tried to catch it in the headphones, but it didn’t show up there. I assume it’s a cabling issue, but I don’t know. Do you? It’s a Blue Yeti USB microphone and it’s an intermittent problem that goes away on it’s own.

And lastly, here’s a little ditty about nuclear war that everybody just thinks is fun. Because it is. Who cares about what the artists were trying to say, it’s all about what we choose to hear.

Timbuk 3 – The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

Gangstagrass – Justified Theme Song
I’m not big into rap, but there is something about mixing in the bluegrass with it that just works. Justified introduced me to this song, but as you’ll see there is more to it than what you get on the telly. I like it. I like the sound. And I’ve gone and gotten a couple three of their albums now. Give ’em a try and check out some of their other videos over at gangstagrass.com and as long as you’re checking things out, go watch Justified. It’s fantastic.

I’ve enjoyed most everything I’ve heard from them and the new album is out now. I’m talking Nerf Herder here folks. There songs are clever and funny and maybe a little bit raunchy, their music is catchy, and their beats, well, their beats get dropped. **yeah, I don’t know what I’m saying there** I think this falls solidly in the Geek Rock category. You should check them out. Here’s a sample from the new album, Rockingham.  Buy it for me… just kidding… kinda… no, not so much. Buy it for me.

Rock Band 4 on the PC. that would be rather awesome. Let’s make it happen, and by let’s I mean you all. I don’t have any extra money to throw at stuff like this. There’s a crowd funding drive going on to do it over at Fig. If they, Harmonix Music Systems, Inc., get $1,500,000 they’ll make it.
Go give them your money so I can play this game. Go here.