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  • Ric Ocasek

    I feel like I just wrote one of these for Eddie Money. Ric Ocasek passed away today. He was 75. I remember him as the lead singer/rhythm guitarist for The Cars, but he also had a bunch of solo albums. I have all The Cars albums, but Fireball Zone is the only one of those […]

  • Eddie Money

    Eddie Money passed away this morning at the age of 70. He’d been having some health issues and it sounds like there were complications from a recent surgery. I have 7 albums by Eddie Money in my collection. Two of those are compilation/greatest hits albums. He was never one of my go-to artists, but he […]

  • What I've Been Listening To

    I find a lot of good music recommended to me on the local public radio station. The artists that come immediately to mind are Fountains of Wayne, Dom Flemons, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Superchunk, and Pokey LaFarge. At least two of those I listen to regularly and I have albums by all of them. But an […]

  • The Start of Mowing Season

    I managed to procrastinate enough yesterday, that the snow started falling and I couldn’t mow the lawn. But I did get the podcast edited and pieced together; that’ll be up on Tuesday. Today’s temps are going back into the high 50’s, so there’s no putting it off… I gotta mow the lawn and all that […]

  • Goodbye Chuck

    Chuck Berry in 1958 One of my favorite songs When Heidi bought me my guitar, way back in 1988-89, this was the song she said would let her know I had learned to play. I never even came close.

  • Justified

    Gangstagrass – Justified Theme Song I’m not big into rap, but there is something about mixing in the bluegrass with it that just works. Justified introduced me to this song, but as you’ll see there is more to it than what you get on the telly. I like it. I like the sound. And I’ve […]

  • Let's Take A Video Break

    Anders Osborne – Me and Lola I first heard this on his CD, Ash Wednesday Blues (2001). It’s a great album and I’m reminded that I want to get more of his stuff.

  • Nerf Herder, Rockingham

    I’ve enjoyed most everything I’ve heard from them and the new album is out now. I’m talking Nerf Herder here folks. There songs are clever and funny and maybe a little bit raunchy, their music is catchy, and their beats, well, their beats get dropped. **yeah, I don’t know what I’m saying there** I think […]

  • Danny Wilde – Isn't It Enough

  • Rhythm Corps – Satellites

  • Rock Band for PC

    Rock Band 4 on the PC. that would be rather awesome. Let’s make it happen, and by let’s I mean you all. I don’t have any extra money to throw at stuff like this. There’s a crowd funding drive going on to do it over at Fig. If they, Harmonix Music Systems, Inc., get $1,500,000 they’ll […]

  • Billy Rankin – Baby Come Back