Tag: plumbing

  • Yesterday did not feel like a productive day. I did a lot of stuff and was working until after 8 pm, but it doesn’t feel like it. More spot fixes of the drywall. Hung one light and rehung another. Finished building my suffit. And then at the end, because things were getting out of hand, […]

  • Right Tool for the Job

    Here’s a little bit of handy advice for you. You’ve probably seen both of these types of plungers, but did you realize that they’re for different things. Sure, you can use them interchangeably for the most part, but they work better for their intended purpose. The toilet plunger has a big tapered cup on the […]

  • Just When You Think It's Done

    Yesterday, Lady Ronn pointed out that the floor in front of the laundry room was damp… So that can mean only one thing; the tub/shower is leaking. Not leaking like a stream, but leaking so that nobody notices it immediately. Not great news. I turned on the tub and went downstairs to check things out. […]

  • It'll Work Out In The End

    I did not get the vanity in place yesterday, or today, for a variety of reasons. First among those is all the wall opening, plumbing rerouting, and drywall repair that I was not expecting to do. But all of that is done now. The vanity fits. The valves don’t leak. The valves are accessible. And […]

  • Quick Bathroom Update #3

    I dragged the vanity and sink top upstairs and into the bathroom. I slid the vanity into place and realized that this isn’t going to work. There is a center rib on the back of the cabinet that is there to hold the brackets for the drawers, it is also perfectly lined up with the […]

  • Quick Bathroom Update #2

    Despite some uncertainty in the plumbing department–everything seems to be holding and there are no leaks–the toilet has been seated, filled with water, and tested. Everything checks out and is working properly at this time.