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  • Best President

    I saw a post on Facebook the other day claiming that the three greatest U.S. presidents were Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump. While I don’t agree with that list, it did get me wondering. So who are the three greatest presidents? I would guess that Lincoln is on that list, and while I […]

  • I Just Don't Understand

    I’m going to ramble and rant for a bit here. I really need to stay away from the news… It must be Saturday. Look, insisting on your rights without acknowledging your responsibilities isn’t freedom, it’s adolescence. You have rights, sure. But those rights are to protect you from the government. Not from me. You can […]

  • Impeachment, That is the Question

    Politics. That’s was your heads-up. Consider yourself warned. Trump impeachment. Why? Full disclosure. I am not a fan. I’m not a flag wagging, chest thumping member of either party. I vote based on who I agree with, not which party they’re in. Mostly, I’m a moderate, or possibly a centrist, I reserve my right to […]

  • Make America Better

    So I should probably stay away from Facebook. I mean, I usually do and that’s for the best. But I’m seeing a lot of really thinly veiled racism, political ignorance, and other shit that annoys the hell out of me coming from people who should just be better. Having said that, I’m about to piss […]

  • Political Correctness

    Just as the primaries start to wind down and you find yourself thinking that the candidates for either party lack a little something, I offer you one more option. A more optional option. Someone who remembers that there is more to America than just Mexico and Canada, and some more places in the south part. Lets […]