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  • Dates Have Been Set

    More updates on the home improvement front. Today, I took phone calls about both the roof and the electrical upgrade. They’ll be here to start on the roof next week Wednesday and expect it to take two days. The utility company has scheduled the electrical work for the first day of July. And as I […]

  • Circle of Life

    And so I finish my week of paid time off–you cannot call this a vacation, a vacation is very different from this–doing the same tasks with which I began: laundry, mowing the lawn, and cleaning up. Looking at my To Do list… This week was a failure. I am not ready for carpet. The ceiling […]

  • The Drudgery Continues

    I broke down and went to Home Depot this evening. I bought tools that I know I already have, which is frustrating, and I took the opportunity to fill up the gas canister for the lawn mower. Who has more fun than me? Today was just another day of finishing drywall. Doesn’t make for very […]

  • Plan for the Basement

    Crafting station. Gone. Stationary bike. Removed. Assorted shelves, rugs, and clutter. Outta here. Lots of tools left, but I may need some of those. Otherwise, the basement is wide open. School is out. I’m done with Biology and with any other classes until next fall, when I hope to be starting the bachelor’s program at […]

  • How Are Those Shelves Coming Along?

    How are those shelves in the basement coming along? So glad you asked. They’re coming along nicely. I’m pretty happy with them. I ran out of plywood, so I’m missing a few shelves. I had a small issue with the trim boards lining up due to that sheet of plywood behind the first two units, […]

  • On A Lighter Note

    The basement living room is pretty good size, I’d say it’s a bit over 14′ x 20′, but it was also pretty dark. It’s got a low ceiling, even lower duct work, and it was lit by two of these. Something needed to be done, and that something was to replace these fixtures. Which is […]

  • Making Things More Comfortable

    My garage is a pretty miserable place most of the year. In the summer it’s +100°F warmer than the outside temperature and has no breeze, even on the windiest of days. In the winter it’s -30°F colder. Basically, it’s comfortable to work in there about 6-days a year. I have a box fan that I’ve […]

  • Another Friday the 13th

    Wednesday night I cut and fitted the trim pieces for the bathroom. I figure I’ll paint them before I put them up. Then it’ll just be some caulking and touch-up. Which should make things easier. Still haven’t sanded or painted all the pieces yet… I guess that’ll be a Saturday project. Thursday, well, that’s a […]

  • Functionally, It's Done

    Oh sure, there’s lots of stuff left to do. Floor trim and quarter round on top of that, towel bars and paper holder hung, medicine cabinet and vanity mirror put up, gotta do something about the bath fan, then there are doors for the shower and the bathroom itself, but functionally; functionally it’s done and […]

  • It'll Work Out In The End

    I did not get the vanity in place yesterday, or today, for a variety of reasons. First among those is all the wall opening, plumbing rerouting, and drywall repair that I was not expecting to do. But all of that is done now. The vanity fits. The valves don’t leak. The valves are accessible. And […]

  • Quick Bathroom Update #3

    I dragged the vanity and sink top upstairs and into the bathroom. I slid the vanity into place and realized that this isn’t going to work. There is a center rib on the back of the cabinet that is there to hold the brackets for the drawers, it is also perfectly lined up with the […]

  • Quick Bathroom Update #2

    Despite some uncertainty in the plumbing department–everything seems to be holding and there are no leaks–the toilet has been seated, filled with water, and tested. Everything checks out and is working properly at this time.