The birthday celebration went off without a hitch. Dinner was had at P.F. Chang’s, which it may surprise you to know, I had never experienced previously. But I wanted Chinese for dinner and the rule is that we must try something new each time we go out. I had Chang’s Spicy Chicken and Lady Ronn had Long Life Noodles & Prawns. I thought mine tasted very much like the Sweet Fire Chicken from Panda Express, only without the feature of sitting under the warming light for an unspecified period of time and of a decidedly better quality. It was good, really quite good. I’m just not convinced it was a good value for what it was. Neither of us had experienced prawns before and we both decided that there was essentially no difference between prawn and shrimp. We also had a couple of margaritas, an order of Mongolian Potstickers, and finished off with an absolutely enormous piece of cake that is appropriately called, The Great Wall of Chocolate. The cake was very good, the potstickers were small, and the drinks were prosaic. It was a nice dinner, the company was great, and I’m glad I finally got around to trying P.F. Chang’s, I just don’t think it’s a place we’ll be rushing back to.

I came away with a couple new shirts; a Daily Planet Reporter tee and this one with a Superman logo inside a diamond design. I have a thing for Superman shirts.

super diamond

Here’s something completely different. Ever since they took down the trees in the backyard my dog refuses to go outside unaccompanied during the daylight hours. After dark, he goes out with no issue. When the sun is up he will step to the open door and then turn around and walk away. If I go outside, he will follow, but tends to stay near the patio and comes in as soon as I do. Anybody have any ideas what’s going on? This has never been an issue before. If I had to guess, I’d say he’s weirded out by the missing trees and/or the changes in the area.

I drove all the way to the college in rush-hour traffic, only to find a “class cancelled” note taped to the door. Which is odd, because the college has a whole system for notifying students of things like that. It sends out emails and texts and everything. Heck, I’m even signed up to that system. I have the app and everything. I feel frustrated by the whole series of events involved here.
To make the most out of a trip downtown, I picked up dinner at Gita Pita for Lady Ronn and myself. Of course, even that didn’t work out quite as planned. Seems I don’t pay enough attention to what she orders, because I got the right stuff; only without the proper toppings and sauce. I chose rice instead of hummus, picked the wrong sauce, AND I forget to get her a pita. I’m a horrible husband. I should be spanked.
Mine was delicious. It always is. Their chicken shawarma pita is just amazingly good. I could eat there five days a week. I love this place. Just wish it was closer.