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  • Bloody Hell

    I recently watched the BBC One/Netflix Dracula series/movie. Lots of slashes there, but why? Because, it’s my understanding that the BBC One made the thing and Netflix bought the rights. And while it is set up as a series, it’s only 3 episodes long and the total runtime with credits and recaps and titles and […]

  • The Man

    “The thing you don’t realize about “adulting” is just how constant it is. There is always something that needs to be done and so very many things that only you can address. Basically, “relaxing” is just short-hand for, I’m ignoring the half-a-million things I should be doing.” –Ronn McCarrick Did I mention that I watched […]

  • Netflix – The Witcher

    I finished season one of Netflix’s The Witcher and I’m quite satisfied with what they’ve put together here. I’m not a huge Witcher fan. I didn’t get very far in the Witcher 3 game, because I did not like the presentation of Geralt. He was a dick. Which meant that I was playing a dick. […]

  • Three Films

    Hey, I watched some movies and I want to tell you about them. None of these three movies made me happy that I watched them. Logan came closest, but that was more from a sense of being in the loop with regard to superhero movies and the end of an era. I think I would […]

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Google Play offered me a $1.99 rental and this weekend the wife and I watched the latest spider-man movie. I was a little surprised, after all the talk about it being “the greatest superhero movie of all time, ever. So good. Great, really.” Or whatever it is that Trump had to say about it. I […]