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  • Taxes, Insurance, and TV

    I burned up my old tax documents from more than a decade ago. I could have shredded them, but it was a nice night for a fire. And the cat seemed to enjoy the show. This morning I had some weekend coffee, finished my taxes, paid my insurance bill, and played The Sims 4 for […]

  • Seventh Sword

    I don’t typically do this kind of write up of the audiobooks I listen to. Usually, I throw up a paragraph on the audible review and repost it to my Facebook page. But I thought I’d make an exception with this series, because I need content for my blog, because my Facebook posts don’t really […]

  • These Are Not Blockbusters

    I had low expectations for each of these films, but I watched them anyway. The quick summary of my opinions on these films would be something like this. I was both annoyed with and bored by just about everything in Robin Hood. Mortal Engines big failing was weak characters and incomplete and character development and […]

  • Popcorn Time

    Google sent me a coupon to watch a movie for $1.99. So this weekend I watched Captain Marvel, a movie that I hadn’t seen yet and a movie that seemed to stir up quite a bit of internet fuss when it came out a couple months back. To my mind, the two biggest problems for […]

  • Multiple Universes

    It’s time for another round of movie reviews. I remind you that I, mostly, don’t enjoy watching movies or television. There are just things I’d rather be doing. With that prejudice explicitly stated, let’s move forward and talk about some movies. I watched all three of these on my couch, as I rarely make it […]

  • Movie Night

    Let’s take a look at some of the movies I’ve watched over the last couple weeks. I don’t watch a lot of movies and I don’t have strong feelings for those that I do see. I’m not a movie guy. There are things I would rather be doing than watching a movie. Two of the […]