How are those shelves in the basement coming along? So glad you asked. They’re coming along nicely. I’m pretty happy with them. I ran out of plywood, so I’m missing a few shelves. I had a small issue with the trim boards lining up due to that sheet of plywood behind the first two units, and my lack of proper compensating for said plywood. But I was able to use a couple shims and even things out pretty close. A little bit of filler did the rest of the magic. Once it’s all painted you’ll never notice that particular oopsie.

I may need to sand down the pieces next to the doors, as the clearance is pretty tight and I imagine that the paint will come off where it rubs. I’d love to hear your opinion on whether I should add a strip of trim between the doors. I’m thinking I should to keep the look consistent. Let me know.

all trimmed up and ready for sanding
missing four shelves

I took these pictures before I changed out the lights, so they’re a little dark. Sorry. Anywho, that’s the update on the shelves in the basement. Later.

Couldn’t get into see my doctor today, but I did talk to a nurse who had me go to the urgent care. The doctor there says that what I’ve got is a stye and that the body will take care of it on its own. And then he followed that up with a prescription, not to be used unless my eye starts to have a yellow or green discharge. Thanks, doc.

For the record, if I have a green discharge coming from my eye… I’m going back to the doctor. But, at this point, it is definitely better than it has been.

The plan for saturday is to get up early and do my homework assignment and then get back to working on the basement wall unit.

something like this

I didn’t pick up the plywood for the backing on those tall units, but I can definitely get the shelf pin holes drilled and make the shelves. We’ll see what happens. Later.

Spring project season has begun. It actually started last weekend, but I was busy working on the basement and didn’t find the time to give it an official kick-off post. The first project for the season is building the shelves for the basement entertainment wall.

Lady Ronn mentioned, during a recent discussion of what we should do next, that she would like the basement and laundry room areas finished. Both of these projects have been in that ongoing-but-never-ending state since she moved in… 6-years ago by my count.

I guess finishing the basement is a reasonable request given how long it’s gone on. It’s one of those projects that I was going gangbusters on when I thought all three of the boys were going to be here with us. But then I realized that I was going to be doing this all on my own, and then they started moving out, and then it was just a place we walked through to get to the laundry room. But I really want to get it done enough to put some carpet down.

Last weekend, I cleared all the old shelves and moved the basement clutter around so that I could have room to build. Then I built and leveled a 2×4 ladder to act as the base for the new cabinets and shelves.

sauder shelving is on the way out

Getting a 17-foot ladder down the stairs and into the basement wasn’t going to happen, so I had to do it in two pieces. Which didn’t make leveling it up any easier. But here it is, leveled, shimmed, and screwed to the wall. Time to start laying out the cabinets and the shelves. The plan for this wall is making it necessary to raise the outlets up and out from behind the cabinets. So, that is what I did yesterday. You can see that I also built the center section below where the future TV will live.

framing in the project

Today, I’ll finish rewiring the new outlet locations and get the frames up for the tall shelves that go on top of the cabinets. I decided to go with adjustable shelves on these two pieces, so I picked up a Kreg Shelf Pin Jig and I’m looking forward to checking that out and seeing how well it works. I should probably patch the mess I made of the wall, as well.

Once I get the two towers built I can start on the face frames, but that’ll have to wait until next weekend. Later.

So we picked up a cat tree for our cat. The brown is not quite the color it appeared to be in the ad, but it’s pet furniture and my other choices were white, black, and blue. Brown seemed like the best choice.
She likes the rope. She likes the top perch. But the hammock, the tube, the ladder, basically everything else, are things she’s not diggin’. And what’s with the hole to get to the hammock, that basically ruins that whole level. She just likes to be up high. Which makes my latest addition to my office a potential problem.
I know I said no new projects, but the office is an old project that just isn’t done… right? Anyway, I redid the right side of the desk. I tore off the desktop and built a new one that is longer and will allow for me to turn and work on that side of the desk if I so choose. Originally, my thinking was to mount the screens to the wall, but after some test placement and thinking, that’s probably not going to happen.
In addition, to the new and improved desk, I added a shelf over the monitors. Mostly, it’s just made up from leftover lumber that I had laying around. It became a bigger project than I intended when I realized that I have one shelving bracket. Not two, not three. One. What good is one bracket? Why would I have this. How could this happen. This is madness. Sorry, I digress. I only had one bracket, so I made up my own. It’s ugly, but it’ll work. This shelf is where the problem with the cat will probably come into play. From the desktop, she can reach the shelf. From the shelf she can reach the honeycomb shelves. There’s a lot of fragile stuff up there. She hasn’t done it yet, but I have a sneaky suspicion she will in the not to distant future.

I also used pocket hole joinery for the first time ever, and I must say that my doubts about the Kreg jig have been allayed. It’s a better made tool than I thought it would be, still plastic, but not cheap plastic. I used it to put in the shelves in the two alcoves above the crafting station and pocket holes were the perfect solution. I think I’ll be using more in the near future as I take on the shelving/entertainment wall in the basement.

Oh, that picture at the top… that’s what happened when I decided to just straighten the garage up.

Roughed in shelves

I put the top two pieces together and wrestled them into place after work tonight. I decided to remove the trim from around the window. It was in the way and I have extra from previous projects, so I will just redo it to fit the current project. The next step is to trim it all out with face frames, but I think that will probably wait a few weeks. I need to give my Home Depot card a break and there are some other projects that haven’t been taken care of while I work on things for me.
I changed the lamps in my ceiling fan from soft white to daylight and the room no longer has that warm/dark look. The paint actually looks grey in this light.
In other news, I managed to get the Jetpack publicize feature working again, well, me and the tech at Lunarpages. Thanks to them. They really are great. So with that working again you can get your daily dose of on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and Twitter without any real effort on my part. Enjoy.