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  • One of Those Days

    It is the middle of April, right? What is the deal with this snow? If I were going anywhere this morning I would have needed my brush. Ridiculous. I don’t appreciate this. Don’t they know I just cut all my hair off? I want my 60 degree days back. Wednesday has snuck up on me. […]

  • May the Fourth

  • April Fools and Star Wars

    Happy April 1st. I hope your day went well and that you didn’t get fooled to badly. I don’t have a prank for you today. But I do have a thing that might make you think I’m a little foolish in my thinking. I don’t know what makes Audible books different from Amazon movies, but […]

  • Aftermath Returned

    Chuck Wendig gives a lot of good writing advice, but I’ve never actually read any of his work. So I picked Star Wars Aftermath up on Audible thinking to get two birds with one stone. A Chuck Wendig novel and to read listen to the journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But it was terrible. […]