With the recent announcement that we will be getting the new book, Peace Talks, on July 14th of this year and then Jim Butcher mentioning, on Daniel Greene’s YouTube channel, that Battle Grounds will be coming three months later. I was doing some online searching for Dresden stuff. And as a fan of Jim Butcher’s “The Dresden Files” series of books, I was excited when I stumbled on this Harry Dresden statue on Joe Viego’s artstation page. I was doubly excited when I realized that you could buy it from The Hamilton Collection for less than a hundred bucks. I was down for that.

the prototype version with hat

There is a pretty significant difference between the prototype paint job and the one that gets put on the final product. The difference is significant enough that my first instinct is to repaint the thing, or at least add some touches of highlights, shadows, and details to it. There is no detail on the face. The five o’clock shadow is completely absent. The jeans are just a solid color. Really, all the stuff that makes a great paint job are absent. It’s not terrible, but it is disappointing.

the paint job as delivered

The other thing that I noticed almost immediately is that the wand has a noticeable bend in it. Not sure that is fixable without breaking it and resetting it. Anyway, those are the bad bits. The good bit is that, well, somebody made a Harry Dresden collectible statue. That itself is so cool. Let’s look at the features highlighted on the Hamilton Collection page.

Bring home the world’s only wizard private investigator from Jim Butcher’s bestselling series, “The Dresden Files” with the Harry Dresden Wizard for Hire Sculpture, a first-ever limited-edition sculpture inspired by the amazing book cover art by Chris McGrath, available ONLY from The Hamilton Collection

I’m going to say that while it may be inspired by the cover art work of Chris McGrath, this is not based on anything that I’ve seen to this point. Perhaps the hat. Did I mention that you can choose to get the hat version or the no hat version of this statue? You can. Obviously, I went with the hat. Which does make it much more like the book covers. Harry doesn’t so much wear a hat in the books, just on the covers.

Officially licensed
This handcrafted and hand-painted sculpture captures our gruff hero poised to take on and defend himself from dark forces, with his “blasting rod” in hand, used to focus his evocation magic

I assume it’s officially licensed, but I don’t know that you could make and market this without some sort of license. I mean, copyright and all that stuff. I already mentioned that my wand has a noticeable bend in it. Kind of a bummer.

His trusty staff features a pure crystalline flame that “burns” with brilliantly-infused color and runes that glow in the dark.

The flames are translucent orange and look very good. The runes on the staff and wand are supposed to glow in the dark, but I haven’t checked and probably don’t care. They don’t look all that great on my paint job, they’re too thick and too big to match the scale.

Harry Dresden’s jewelry gleams with metallic tones, including his deceased mother’s silver pentacle amulet around his neck and his enchanted bracelet that projects a physical and magical shield.

I don’t know about the jewelry gleaming, it’s more like silver-metallic paint and doesn’t really pass mustard when it comes to “gleaming”, though the bracelet does have both silver and copper tones.

Edition limited to 95 casting days. Hand-numbered with matching Certificate of Authenticity. Measures 11″ H; 27.9 cm H

I think I’m looking at No. 0306 for mine, but the writing isn’t great. What do you think, is that a three? At 11″ high, I’m not sure what scale this statue is in. It’s larger than the ArtFX+ stuff I have, which is 1:10 scale, but is significantly smaller than any of my 1:6 scale statues. Size-wise it lines up more with the pvc statue of Ciri I have from the Witcher. But even then, Harry is supposed to be pretty tall (I don’t remember how tall, exactly) and it might be a little small for that scale. It doesn’t match any of my other stuff, for scale, and I guess that doesn’t really matter. At least he fits on my bookshelf.

Things are still very busy around these parts, what with school and work and life going on. But I did find the time to put the terrible lizard back together.

cracked neck

busted tail

I didn’t put much effort into the repair, just some superglue and a bit of patience. All those wrinkles help to conceal the breaks and it looks good from across the room, but if you pick it up it’s pretty easy to spot where the repairs were made.
good enough


A few things to share.
1.) Still having issues keeping the site malware free. I was  going to take it apart and restore from a back-up, but I made the mistake of thinking that the Pro Backup service that comes with my Pro package at Bluehost was actually a thing… it’s not. So I need to call them and get a few things straightened out. Mainly, I’d like to get the services that I’m paying for. I’ll probably have a full tear down on the site this weekend to find and destroy whatever malware is hiding in my files.
2.) Final grades were posted for the winter semester and I pulled off an A in each of my classes–HVA 221 Ductwork Construction and Design was the one I just finished and HVA 230 HVACR Elec Controls was earlier in the Winter Semester. Both were three credit classes, so I added another 24 grade points to my total and my GPA is sitting at 3.839, according to my Unofficial GRCC Transcript.
3.) I came home to find this on the office floor.

extinction level event?

So my fancy Tyrannosaurus statue is now in 4 pieces. It can certainly be glued back together. But how evident will the cracks be? I’m not sure. I’ve resisted the urge to immediately grab the superglue and start putting it back together… going to give it some thought and determine if it’s going to need any other work and/or improvements.
How could this happen? One theory presented was that the wind blew it over. This is unlikely given the depth of the pegs on the feet and the weight of the base. Perhaps the blinds hit it? No. The blinds are secured with brackets. What could have happened? There is some evidence that points to a solution to the mystery.
claw marks! NEW claw marks!

There are some claw marks in the paint that were not there when I left for work. Probably too small to be the dog, but just about right for a smallish cat. My working theory is that the cat was on the shelf and killed the dinosaur. Possibly with the aid of the dog or a startling wind gust. Either way and whatever the circumstances, I have one very broken dinosaur.

In my continuing efforts to collect and showcase my influences, I have added another statue to my office shelf.
There is a statue/diorama that I want, Conan: The Prize by Sideshow Collectibles. It came out in 2010 with a SRP of $290, but you can’t get it for that anymore and I haven’t seen it anywhere for less than $900. There are couple on eBay right now, the cheaper of the two is asking $1,400 and the other is $200 more than that. I’m not willing to pay that kind of money for the Cimmerian. It’s a very cool statue, but, NO.
So, I’ve gone with another Robert E Howard character to fill the role of representing Sword & Sorcery on my shelf. The Atlantean, Kull, who is actually the precursor to the Conan stories; A kind of Conan prototype, if you will.

Kull of Atlantis by Mark Schultz

You’re probably thinking, shouldn’t Kull look a little more like this…
because I won’t play Conan

He should not. Word on the internet is that, Kull the Conqueror, was supposed to be a Conan movie, but Arnold didn’t want any part of it and Sorbo didn’t want to play  the same character that had been done by Schwarzenegger. So, we got Kull. It wasn’t great.
Anyway, there was a box waiting for me when I got home from work on Wednesday. And this is what was contained in that box. I like it quite a bit.
Kull of Atlantis 283/500

csmoorestudio.comThe CS Moore Studio is proud to present Robert E Howard’s legendary warrior Kull of Atlantis as a dynamic, limited-edition statue that brings Howard’s writings to stunning life. In agreement with Paradox Entertainment, Clayburn Moore designed the pose, costume, and overall look entirely from Howard’s text, and sculpted the over 16” tall piece with the incredible detail collectors have come to expect from The CS Moore Studio. This incredibly powerful and dramatic statue will set a benchmark in comic and fantasy sculpture! Award-winning illustrator Mark Schultz created an original sketch based on the statue, which appears on a certificate of authenticity signed by Moore and included with each piece!

I picked up this sword and shield from wish.com. The shield looked larger in their pictures, but it’s not in scale with the sword at all. I thought they were cool looking and for $3, I figured what the hell. I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but I like swords and I like lions. I thought maybe I’d stick them on the wall with the sword behind the shield or some such… I realized that wasn’t going to happen when they arrived.
So instead I carved a rock out of rigid pink foam and painted it up. Then I inset the tiny shield into the stone and hot glued it in place. I think the results look pretty good.

foam boulder

The sword comes out of the stone. It’s very Arthurian in that regard, only there’s no throne of Britannia to be had. And it looks pretty good on the shelf next to my map of the Skorr.
Robert E. Howard’s Valeria from the Conan story, Red Nails

Peanut butter and chocolate. Eggs and toast. Boys and girls. Somethings are just better as a pair. Such is the case with dinosaurs. If you have a triceratops you have to have a tyrannosaurus to make a complimentary pair. Am I right?

Of course I am. So I complimented my Sideshow Dinosauria Triceratops with their T-rex: The Tyrant King statue. Which is the same 1/15th scale and on a similar base. I don’t have anyplace where I can display them together, they’re too big. But here it is in all it’s coolness.

such tiny arms

Everything I said about the triceratops statue applies here. It’s big. It’s very detailed. It’s accurate. I like it very much. It’s a bit over 13-inches high and a whopping 30-inches long. At this size, I would be afraid if it were alive, full size and big as life I think shitting yourself would be the most likely scenario.

the tyrant king

Tyrannosaurus facts might look something like these; 40-feet long, 12-feet high at the hips, 10-12 tons. That’s a big lizard.

we’ll talk about that thing another time

In this next shot you can see that I painted the flag case holding my father’s flag and mounted it to the bookcase. I think I may add another couple boards to the frame for balance. You can see my cat, Cassie, under the shelf. You will note that she is only slightly larger than the statue. Also, I picked up the new boxed set of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, because it’s awesome and I like my books to match.

as big as the cat

Before Star Wars. Before Dungeons & Dragons. Before all the things that pop culture taught me to enjoy, there were dinosaurs. And just like a countless number of children before and after me, I loved dinosaurs. I still love dinosaurs. But it is an allusive love that comes and goes from my mind, like that one song by that artist that you love but forget about completely until you hear it again. Jurassic Park movies, anyone.

This Christmas I received a reminder of that love. A little something to take me back to those simpler times when we still stood up to change the channel and went outside to play with our friends. My Christmas came in the form of a 66 million year old dinosaur, as replicated by Sideshow Collectibles. This is from their Dinosauria collection, the Triceratops Statue.


This guy clocks in at about 1/15th scale and I always forget how big these things were, but a Triceratops was huge. Were talking somewhere in the range of 26-30 feet in length, 9.5-10 feet in height, and weighing in anywhere from 13,000-26000 pounds. This guy just fits on my 12-inch high shelf and for comparison, you’d use an original 4-inch Star Wars figure for size comparison. It’s a big statue and a big creature.

another view for scale

Sideshow has done a very nice job on this statue. They’ve worked with renown paleoartists to get the sculpt right and the realism is impressive. They say this is a museum quality piece and I would not argue the point with them. This is an beautiful piece that captures the magnitude and grace of this beast in tough polystone. The base is a little boring, but that just keeps it from distracting from the main event.

I’m very impressed. I’ve given this statue a prominent place on my shelf and it will be a constant reminder and rejuvenation of my own sense of wonder. Dinosaurs are cool. Again, I have to thank my wife for indulging me.

moving things around abit