I burned up my old tax documents from more than a decade ago. I could have shredded them, but it was a nice night for a fire. And the cat seemed to enjoy the show.

This morning I had some weekend coffee, finished my taxes, paid my insurance bill, and played The Sims 4 for a long bit. It was a productive morning all-in-all. Expensive, but productive. I mean, I’m getting a refund on the taxes, but the insurance… damn. Why is insurance so expensive.

Word is that it’s because of the unlimited medical coverage required here in Michigan. But I think that’s changing. I don’t expect any of us to see any significant change in our rates. If you’re curious, I’m paying about 35% of my car payments for insurance. Meanwhile, I’m driving a company vehicle 90% of the time and the vehicles I’m insuring are sitting in the driveway. When I think about it… it’s frustrating.

That was a bit of an aside. Sorry.

We finished Mr. Robot, or rather, we finished the free bits of Mr. Robot. Prime Video would like to sell me each of the episodes that make up season 4, but while I thought the series was interesting, it’s not “pay for it” interesting. I’m sticking by my stance that this show is weird. I mean it is both weird and also takes some weird twists.

We’ve moved on to American Gods, but I only have the first season of that and, again, I’m not looking to buy anything else. I like it. But, c’mon, if I’m paying for Xfinity, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hulu, and Netflix already, why would I pay extra for more stuff. I already have so much more than I’ll ever be able to watch it’s almost unreal. Besides, I still haven’t watched the BBC/Netflix Dracula show.

Friday night we watched Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Got any guesses as to my thoughts on this one? If you guessed that I thought it was mostly boring and pointless, well, you guessed right. Sure, the acting was good, but you had a couple of aging actors playing a couple of aging actors, so that should be an easy roll to pull off. Mostly, it felt like a great big love fest to all the things about old Hollywood that Tarantino thinks are cool, plus a bunch of boring and pointless stuff. Then you get some good stuff at the hippy ranch. More boring stuff. And then a pretty amusing and entertaining, if over the top, finale.

So, if you’re a fan of actors, these particular actors, period films, or this director, maybe go see it. If you’re looking to be entertained and get your money’s worth, probably don’t.

There you go another movie review from someone who doesn’t much like movies. Later.

My how the weeks scoots by… four or five days fly by and no posts get made. Well, let’s remedy that.
I’ve put up the trim, blocked the hole above the electrical panel, and finished the ceiling in the closet for the craftroom project. That was yesterday’s project. We’ve decided to go with mirrored closet doors to keep the room bright, but I’ll pick those up next week, along with a sheet of plywood to redo that back shelf.

addition of 1/4-round on the floor

in the closet as well

Today, I managed to get all my paperwork together and get the taxes done, with a little help from the H&R Block website. I had a minor issue getting logged into the healthcare.gov website to get my 1095-A, but eventually it let me log in. So that was a thing. Anyway, I’m happy to report that I’m now impatiently waiting for my refund check to arrive. I don’t know that they do any better job than any of the other tax services, but I’ve used them for years and I’ve never had an issue or had to cut the government a check. So, I guess that’s an endorsement of their product.
Killian is doing well. Oh, who am I kidding, from the moment she got home she was right back to all her kitten nonsense… as if nothing had ever happened. Honestly, if her side and belly wasn’t shaved, I’d never know that she’d had surgery. She is certainly not behaving like an animal in recovery. I don’t think I was quite so frisky after my operation.
I edited up one Truckcast this morning and I have another recorded, so you have that to look forward to. I also have a video ‘hot take’ on the price hike for Amazon Prime. It’s not arohenTV worthy, but I’ll throw it up here next week.
Saturday night, the youngest had a tire blowout on the Spirit. I had to go out and rescue him with the jack and the tire iron. Getting the spare out was a treat, as I don’t think it’d ever been out and the threaded knob was frozen solid with rust. Judicious application of the sledge-hammer took care of it though 🙂 He never would have gotten it out of there, even if he did know how to change a tire… The spare lasted about half a day before it went bust. So I ended up getting a whole set of tires from Discount Tire (I didn’t replace the spare, though. I’m a risk taker like that.). Not an expected expense, but you’ve got to realize, things like this will happen with a 22-year old car. I took Lady Ronn with me, it was almost like a date. There is just nothing quite like changing a tire on the side of a busy freeway. Big Fun.
Lastly, I have one remaining project for my Electrical Controls class to finish up for Monday. Four out of Five’s not bad. So that’s what I’m going to do for at least part of the day.
You’re all caught up now.  Whew!

Our state refund was deposited this morning and the federal refund showed on Wednesday. I used H&R Block again this year and filed electronically. It only took 10-days to get the refund. They had predicted a 21-day wait, but I’m not going to complain about money showing up early.
There is part of me that wants to go on a shopping spree, but I think it’s going to go towards paying off some credit card debt. Because that’s the responsible thing to do. *sigh*
Oh well, easy come, easy go.
a windfall of coin