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  • TV Worth Watching?

    We don’t watch much TV around these parts. We’re not the kind of people who brag about not watching TV; we’re not that kind. And there’s nothing wrong with not being suckled by the giant LED teat in the living room. That’s admirable. There are lots of alternatives to watching TV that will make your […]

  • Latest Watchlist Impressions

    It’s that time again. Time for me to tell you what I think about all the stuff that has been playing on my TV. I know. I know. I hate everything. But that’s not true. I liked almost everything I put on this page. Read on if you don’t believe me and see for yourself. […]

  • Electra Woman & Dyna Girl

    Okay, I can honestly say that I both watched and remember these two Sid and Marty Krofft characters. Electra Woman (played by┬áDeidre Hall) and her teen sidekick Dyna Girl (Judy Strangis), they were a female Batman and Robin in the 1976 Krofft Supershow. I do not remember what powers they had, or if they even […]