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  • Spring Project Season Begins

    Spring project season has begun. It actually started last weekend, but I was busy working on the basement and didn’t find the time to give it an official kick-off post. The first project for the season is building the shelves for the basement entertainment wall.

  • So Many Sales

    My email has been full with pre-deals, sale previews, and early price drops for two weeks. I’m sure yours has too. So money was bound to get spent. i can only stand up to that kind of pressure for so long. My personal BLACK FRIDAY shopping spree started on Tuesday at Home Depot. All of […]

  • Testing the Equipment

    I’m back on the sauce. I was trying to break the caffeine habit by drinking green tea, but the call of my weekend routine was too strong. That routine works out to a pot of coffee on Saturday and another on Sunday, no sugar, but lots of artificial creamer. So cheers to you and let’s […]

  • Pocket Hole Jig

    I keep looking at the Kreg pocket hole system. I like what I’ve been hearing about the K5, but it looks cheap to me. Also, none of the home centers have that one, everyone is still carrying the K4. But then, I was at Menard’s, I saw this Porter Cable jig, and it looked far […]