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  • Truckcast #130: The Pandemic

    I was in the truck and I thought I would address a few things about this whole Covid-19 experience. You know, from my point of view. I mean, it’s a Truckcast, what else would you expect. Anyway, we’re going to talk about masks and coughs and vaccines and a few other things. Give it a […]

  • Truckcast #129: Too Much To Write Down

    Here is the first Truckcast of 2020. Hell, the first Truckcast in 5-months. I’m way out of practice in both recording/speaking and editing these things… I pray you think it not absolute rubbish. Anywho, I took to the microphone to try and get you up to speed on a whole variety of things going on […]

  • Truckcast #128: NaNo Ideas 2019

    I sat at lunch yesterday and worked out some ideas for this years NaNoWriMo. I came to the recording with a kernel of an idea and if you’d like, you can listen to me walk myself through the idea. The pauses are a bit longer than usual and some of the sentences just seem to […]

  • Truckcast #126: Parking the Truck

    I’ve had a great time making the Truckcast and I appreciate those of you who have listened, be that one time or 125 times, but I’m parking the truckcast and taking my podcasting indoors. I don’t have a launch date, a format, or really even a plan quite yet. All I know for sure is that […]

  • Truckcast #125: Bits from the Bin

    This one is a podcast scramble of bits from five different recording sessions that just didn’t have what it took to go the distance. Some of these tracks are simply to showcase the noise levels I’m fighting against out here on the road. You could think of it as a bunch of junk, but I’d […]

  • Working My Tail Off

    Tomorrow is the big day! They’re coming to install my new garage door and all the goodies that go with it. Tonight I came home and moved stuff around in the garage, so that they’ve got room to work their magic. Moving stuff around meant putting stuff away and organizing, which needed to be done, […]

  • Truckcast #123: Singing in the Truck

    Let’s talk about trucks, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the stuff that goes into making… Google Chili. Let’s talk about trucks. And probably some other stuff and things and maybe even what-not. This one is going to go long, because, that’s just how we roll… in the truck. Baby. […]

  • Truckcast #120: Where Are We Going With This

    The first Truckcast of the year started off with an actual topic, but then returns to form by wandering around a bit before wrapping up with an overview of the last few aborted posts. So, all-in-all, it’s a pretty typical Truckcast. Plenty of rambling goodness to inform and entertain you. Sit back and have a […]

  • Truckcast #118: The 75th Episode

      Today, I have a little treat for you. The is the long lost 75th Truckcast from way back in early August 2013. I found it while clearing some room out on my phone’s storage card. Being as it was lost, something else became Truckcast #75, which I guess makes this Truckcast #74.5, chronologically speaking […]

  • Truckcast #117: Workloads & Wheel Spinning

      A couple three individual files all stitched together to make a Truckcast for your listening enjoyment.  Sure there is no consistency, but that in itself has become the Truckcast aesthetic. I’m running out of bits and pieces, so you shouldn’t have to deal with this nonsense much longer. Have a listen and be entertained… […]

  • Truckcast #116: Harassment and a lot of Crap

      Part 2 of this podcast was recorded on 11/14 and part 1 on 11/21 and then I put them together in reverse order. Sorry about the sound quality in this one, it was pretty windy and I think you’ll notice. But I’m talking about things from the news, so that’s a thing… Have a […]

  • Truckcast #115: Noise Complaints

    Now that arohen.com is once again using a paid hosting service we can get back to making Truckcast podcasts. You know you missed them. Anyway, this one is a bit of this and a bit of that, all cobbled together from some of the bits and bites I’ve accumulated over the last year. Sit back […]

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