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  • Out In It

    Today, I was back out in the world, driving around in the service van, responding to ’emergencies’, and generally wondering why. I had things to do in Lansing and in Grand Rapids, tomorrow will be the same, and depending on how it goes… I may be out and about on Thursday as well. There is […]

  • Ric Ocasek

    I feel like I just wrote one of these for Eddie Money. Ric Ocasek passed away today. He was 75. I remember him as the lead singer/rhythm guitarist for The Cars, but he also had a bunch of solo albums. I have all The Cars albums, but Fireball Zone is the only one of those […]

  • Eddie Money

    Eddie Money passed away this morning at the age of 70. He’d been having some health issues and it sounds like there were complications from a recent surgery. I have 7 albums by Eddie Money in my collection. Two of those are compilation/greatest hits albums. He was never one of my go-to artists, but he […]

  • Rejected Podcast Scraps

    I was making another parody/homage intro for the arohenRADIO podcast, but to make it I had to enlist Microsoft David and Microsoft Zira to help Scotty and I out. But then I started to get worried that Microsoft might not appreciate my using their stuff. I’m sure that violates their usage agreement somehow. So I […]

  • The Start of Mowing Season

    I managed to procrastinate enough yesterday, that the snow started falling and I couldn’t mow the lawn. But I did get the podcast edited and pieced together; that’ll be up on Tuesday. Today’s temps are going back into the high 50’s, so there’s no putting it off… I gotta mow the lawn and all that […]

  • Compressor Talk

  • New Season of arohenTV

  • Seth on the RPG Social Contract

    Seth Skorkowsky is a writer and gamer. I’ve only listened to one of his books on audible, but I enjoyed that, so I bought the rest of his Valducan series. I do enjoy his YouTube channel, though he talks mostly about Call of Cthulhu (a game I’ve never played). He also waxes poetic about other […]

  • Is it a Bump or an Intro?

    I’m calling it a bump, but it might be an intro. I’m 100% sure that the people who do this stuff have a specific lingo for all these things.

  • Immortal Cannibal

    He Never Died; I watched this movie tonight. Not really sure how I feel about it. There is part of me that thinks I should watch it again to see what I missed, but I don’t really want to watch it again. It was both interesting and entertaining in a what-the-hell kind of way. I […]

  • Justified

    Gangstagrass – Justified Theme Song I’m not big into rap, but there is something about mixing in the bluegrass with it that just works. Justified introduced me to this song, but as you’ll see there is more to it than what you get on the telly. I like it. I like the sound. And I’ve […]

  • Let's Take A Video Break

    Anders Osborne – Me and Lola I first heard this on his CD, Ash Wednesday Blues (2001). It’s a great album and I’m reminded that I want to get more of his stuff.