Here’s another tool that I think you should check out. Wonderdraft is an intuitive yet powerful fantasy map creation tool. I have been experimenting with this one and have been quite happy with the results. It makes good looking maps, has quite a bit of customizable features, and for the early access, one-time purchase price of $19.99 it was a steal.

The price has gone up to $29.99, but that still feels like a bargain to me. One time purchase. No subscriptions. No nickel and diming for add-ons. Just nice maps. And there’s already a community of users making resources for Wonderdraft.

I was using the free Inkarnate online mapping software. It makes it very easy to make really nice-looking maps, but I found the free version to be pretty limited. I wasn’t sure I wanted to subscribe to it in order to get all the good stuff. Then I saw a YouTube video by WASD20 asking if Wonderdraft was an Incarnate killer. I liked what I saw and went looking for this interesting mapping software.

Let me tell you the features that were important to me and then I’ll show you a few maps I’ve created using Wonderdraft.

  • Depending on the brush set and symbol set I can generate a variety of different looking maps and a variety of scales. I can make city maps, regional maps, and world maps with equal ease.
  • Brushes that let me change the roughness of the landmasses and coastlines easily.
  • Automatic tools for making nice looking rivers and roads with a few clicks
  • A variety of symbols that I can drop on the map and the ability to paint groups of trees and mountains easily.
  • Artistically curated default map themes
  • Create aesthetic labels using presets
  • Big maps. Map dimensions up to 8192 x 8192 pixels
  • It’s DRM-free software and royalty-free user-made content
  • It works with my Wacom pen and tablet

So, you can probably tell I like it. But you want to see what I’ve done with it. I get that. These are the first four maps I’ve created using Wonderdraft. Be kind, they’re all works in progress and they’ve all been scaled down for the website.

Regentia from the Baenrahl campaign
The Skorr, homage to my Greyhawk origins
Inner Sareth, better known as the BlackMoon map
Something new I’m working on

I made those first three by overlaying my existing, hand-made maps and tracing them. Which is something else I should have mentioned. You can do that. I’m very happy with the results. The bottom map is something I started while making a video tutorial for Wonderdraft. I like the map, not sure if the video will ever appear.

My basic review is this. I love this software, the price is good, the results are nice, and I’m very glad I found it. I have no reservations in recommending this software. It’s a great mapping tool and I think it’s going to just keep getting better with time and continued development. If it seems like something you’d get some use out of, go check it out. Wonderdraft.net or watch some of the videos on YouTube by the Wonderdraft creator, Megasploot.

And if you like it and want more out it, be sure to check out this resource site, Cartography Assets. It’s a website that makes sharing mapping resources easy. New mountains, forests, city symbols, and themes are just a few of the things that you’ll find over there. It’s all free and it all has clearly marked asset usage statements. I’ve gotten some really nice stuff from this site. Of course, you can find stuff for Wonderdraft, but they also have assets for Campaign Cartographer, MapForge, and Virtual Tabletop.