Let me explain something to you here; when it’s this hot, leave the air on. Eighty Seven degree indoor air is unacceptable…
Where Is My Air

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The Truckcast: Where Is My Air mp3 — duration: 31:06

0 thoughts on “Truckcast #67: Where Is My Air

  1. Of the two and quarter Truckcasts I’ve listened to, this is my favorite. As you noted, this is Truckcast #67. I’d say it’s time to change the name of the podcast from “Truckcast with Ronn McCarrick ” to “RonnMcCarrickcast with Truck”. A small distinction, to be sure, but one I feel worth noting.
    Great Ronn wisdom here. Among other things, you ARE right, and everyone else IS wrong! What’s a man to do?
    I agree. The heat index is a bunch of hype. When it’s hot it’s hot.
    As for the bike thing. I bought a bike for $360 or something. I was going to ride it to work and on the weekends and so on and so forth. I should have bought one from Meijer for a hundred bucks, if at all. This bike is now mounted on my wall, above my television, as a memorial to my intentions. And let me tell you, it looks great.

    • I’m not sure about the name change, seems like it’d just confuse my audience and I can’t risk losing any listeners. I don’t have any to spare.
      Being RIGHT is a lifestyle choice.
      What the hell is the difference between the heat index and the RealFeel?
      That is precisely why I don’t want to pay $1000 for a bike. I have the best of intentions, but I know myself and if I ride it 3 times a year it’ll be a lot.

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