A Big Cut and a Hard Road To Go

I’m pretty sure that ‘A Difficult Dinner’ is going to come in right around 120,000 words. Last night I took the original story and folded it in with the new middle/ending that I’ve been working on. To do that I had to cut out two full chapters plus part of a third, more than 8,000 words. Now, I may be able to use some of that in the new ending and I might be able to get some in after Thane comes back from Atlanta, but I think most of it is gone. This puts me a bit behind. If the story is as long as I think it’s going to be, I’m going to have to write 3,700 words a day to get it done by the deadline I’ve set for myself. This is completely my fault. I’ve given myself two months to do this and I’ve not written more days than I’ve written. So now if I’m going to really get this done I’m going to have to buckle down and put my fingers to the keyboard.