During the couple of weeks when I had no television and no internet I had a chance to catch up on some of my reading, which is always good. And of course reading always gets me itching to write, also a good thing. Anyway, I’m reading UP IN HONEY’S ROOM by Elmore Leonard right now and I think I’m liking it, but I haven’t made up my mind yet. Right before I moved out I finished APOCOLYPSE 2012 and since getting the apartment I’ve worked my way through THE HAWK ETERNAL by David Gemmell, THE WATCHMAN by Robert Crais, SOMETIMES THE MAGIC WORKS: LESSONS FROM A WRITING LIFE by Terry Brooks, FREE FALL by Robert Crais, and found time to listen to the 20-discs that make up the audio book version of THE THREE MUSKETEERS by Alexandre Dumas. I didn’t get what I wanted out of Terry Brooks writing book, but otherwise I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve read of late.
As promised, I’ve put together a little photo album of my apartment. Don’t worry, there’s some pictures of the ducks in there as well. It’s not much, yet. I’m still going with hand-me-down furniture and stuff that I’ve held onto through the last couple years, which isn’t much. If you check back on the album from time to time I’m hoping that you’ll see my place go from a blank apartment to something resembling a home.

Did I mention what was going on with my Mechanical License test? No, I don’t think I did. I recieved a letter asking me to provide work experience info in order to get approved for the test. Um… I did that on the original form, had it notarized and everything. So I called and to make a long story short, he didn’t like what I put down, wants me to rewrite it, gave me some guidelines on that, and then get the whole thing signed again by Randy and renotarized and send it back to him. What a pain in the ass. Anyway, to get into the June test I have to have that done by some time last week. Needless to say, I’ll be waiting until August to take the test. Oh well, I’ll just look at it as more time to study.
I mentioned it on MySpace last night, but I’ll give a little more detail here. The folks that are sitting on my old domain, ronnmccarrick.com, have a little “buy this domain” link at the bottom of the page. So I followed it and put in an offer of $10.00, that’s more than it’d cost me to register an new domain, but hey, I’d get my name back. Well, they sent me back an email telling me… you know what, I’ll just let you read it.

We have received your email regarding the domain ronnmccarrick.com
The owner of the domain has listed the sales price of $1245 for this domain.
If your next offer is reasonable for this domain, an AcquireThisName.com (ATN) representative will contact the owner on your behalf. Upon hearing from the domain owner, we will notify you.
Please note: Owners of valuable domains will often receive several offers per week. You offer should be great enough to motivate the domain owner to reply.


Apparently, ten bucks wasn’t a reasonable offer. But then I think twelve hundred dollars for a domain that at it’s best brought in just shy of 1,800 unique visitors a month is a little unreasonable. I was tempted to reply to them with a great big fuck you and your horse email, but I decided that I’ll just ignore them and see what happens in August when the domain is due for renewal. Probably they’ll renew it now that they think there’s some interest in it, but I’m hoping that whatever traffic they were getting from my name has long since gone away and they’ll let it lapse. Stay tuned for more on that later this summer.
That’s it for tonight. Later.

0 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Lite Reading

  1. Hey, I was doing a search for acquirethisname.com — they are squatting on my joshstarr.com domain.

    AcquireThisName is actually the one that is holding the domains hostage. I am going to be taking them to court in the next month or so, because it’s people like this that ruin it for everyone.

    This is what “Blake” sent me.


    $3197.16 is the current asking price for this domain. The domain owner is willing to negotiate this price. Please let me know if you would like me to submit an offer on your behalf. Please keep in mind this owner receives many offers on his domains, so please try to gear your offer to motivate the seller.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

  2. If ronnmccarrick.com somehow received 1800 visitors per month, it more than likely generates about a couple hundred dollars per month. Therefore, they’ll easily decline your $10 offer and renew it without hesitation. Since it more than likely doesn’t receive anything near 1800 visitors, the value to them is seeing someone interested.

    As to Josh’s comment. They’re not squatting on your domain. One, you don’t own the trademark and second, you don’t even have strong common law rights to it since you are not likely the only one with the name. You won’t go to court for it. Mere arbitration would cost you $1500 (minimum) and you don’t even have a case, so you’d lose the case and your $1,500. Attempting to go to court would probably cost you a minimum of $2500, and you’d still lose. If you really want the name, you’re better off negotiating a better price.

    The company may appear shady to most, but they’re doing what is called speculation.

    Good Luck

  3. Ronn McCarrick says:

    I’ll wait until august, when it’s set to expire. If they renew, I’ll find another domain and buy that. If they don’t renew, I’ll try and pick it up. At this point it’s not really a big deal to me. I don’t care either way.

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