A Thing I Made

I have a small collection of 1:18 scale die-cast cars and there are a couple more that I want to pick up. Most notably, I want a 1977 Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am. But they look diminutive on my 11-inch high shelves, so I decided to build a display stand to put them on.

It’s not great, not my best work, but it does what I want it to do and looks pretty good doing it. I rounded the front corners to match the dowels and then after sanding the whole thing, I put on about three coats of dark stain with built in satin poly. For some reason it didn’t darken the edge boards nearly as much as the top and bottom.

That red corvette needs to be painted blue and the yellow corvette needs to be painted white, in order to fit my vision and to accurately represent my dad’s cars. But I bought them both on eBay years ago and I still haven’t gotten around to doing that. Probably, when I get my air brush those will be projects number one and number two.

But who knows when I’ll actually get around to getting an airbrush.