Shelving Update

Today has been mostly a wash, but I did get the shelves along the front wall populated. The paint has cured and I feel safe filling it up.  I still have a large sailboat and eagle, neither of which do I have any idea where to put. Perhaps I will have to build something 😉

front wall shelves

Yesterday, I went to Ball Park Floral and did some work for them, they want to clear their front wall and put up some pallet wood. I went and took down a section around one window and was able to get a better idea as to how much work it will be to finish. Afterwords, Lady Ronn and I ran some errands and then finally made it to Stella’s Lounge, home of the best burger in America as voted by GQ  in 2012 and Best in Grand Rapids by the readers of Grand Rapids Magazine (January 2014 and 2015!) and On the Town (August 2014). It was good stuff. We were going to follow that up with a walk around Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts, but it started raining. So we skipped it.