Couch Time Reviews

How would you like to know how I feel about the television I’ve been watching during this whole Covid-19 mess? Yes? No! Well, too bad. That’s what I’m talking about today. I’ve watched three programs since the last time I did this. Of course, that assumes that I haven’t forgotten anything, which I probably have. Oh well, let’s get into it.

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

Finished season one of The Umbrella Academy while I ate lunch today. I enjoyed it. Apparently, it is based on a comic book that I’ve never heard of, but that’s really neither here nor there. I mean, I never read the Watchmen comics and I enjoyed that TV show just fine. Same here. It’s only 10 episodes, so we made it through the whole thing in four or five sittings. Lots of unanswered questions. Lots of little mysteries inside the story. The characters are interesting, even if their powers are not really clear in every case. I’m glad to hear that a second season has been given the green light. The music in the episodes is cleverly done and feels like it’s either inspired by or a nod toward Guardians of the Galaxy… same kind of pop music sensibility in the music choices. I wasn’t really feeling Ellen Page’s portrayal of Vanya, but it went dark pretty quick. Klaus was fun, but I felt like he was doing a Captain Jack Sparrow impression throughout. Like I said, I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to a second season.

The Expanse (Prime Video)

Wow! I had heard good things about this series and it did not disappoint. This was really good. It is based on a series of novels, novellas, and short stories by James S. A. Corey, and while I haven’t read the books, I understand that they’re staying pretty true to them. The Expanse is up to season 4 and I’m eagerly awaiting more episodes. I believe a 5th season has been green lit. Which is good, because they’ve got lots of good stuff they can cover. The show deals with the politics of Earth, Mars, and the Outer Planet Alliance, but does so through the view of several different groups. A belter cop, an earth politician, a martian marine, and most often through the adventures of a ragtag crew of space heroes and their stolen spaceship. This is not Star Wars or Star Trek, this is most definitely its own thing and that thing is very well done. Very good show. I will not hesitate to recommend that you give it a try.

The Crown (Netflix)

This is not my thing. This is a Lady Ronn thing. I didn’t choose it. We try to swap back-and-forth on what we’re watching. Mostly we agree on stuff. Sometimes we make sacrifices for each other. I thought this might be another Borgia, but it was quite well done and was an enjoyable watch. Even when the entire cast changes after season two, it just keeps on rolling along. Sure the portrayals change a bit, but I think some of that is because the focus of the show changes. I know just enough about the Queen to get myself into trouble, although I did listen to an audiobook about her a while back. It was interesting to watch the show and check out spoilers on the queen’s Wikipedia page. I’m not dying for the final season to come out, but I will definately be watching it when it does. This one was interesting enough, well acted, and of high enough quality to see it through to the end. I’ll be watching the fourth season when it goes up.

There you go. Those are the last three series that I’ve feasted my eyes upon and my thoughts on each. For what it’s worth. Later.