Don't Rewrite the Book of Enoch

Am I the only one who doesn’t get this whole Michigan budget thing? The gist of it, as I understand it, is that we have a 1.3 billion dollar deficit and our governor is making 300 million dollars in budget cuts. The rest of the deficit, ONE BILLION dollars, is being covered by the federal stimulus money. Not exactly a great plan to my mind and certainly not what I’d call tightening the states belt. What happens next year when we don’t have any federal stimulus money? And what about all that stimulus money that’s supposed to stimulate the economy and create jobs, isn’t that what we’re using to pay off our bills! I understand that Michigan doesn’t have the money to pay off the deficit and that huge cuts would be needed to get the books in line. That’s what’s supposed to happen during tough times. Right? And didn’t the feds put any guidelines on how the stimulus could be spent? It makes me crazy and I’m not going to talk about it anymore.
So I’ve been doing my research on angels, grigori (the watchers), and nephilim (giants). I’ve been using the Book of Enoch and the internet as my primary sources. And what I’ve come to find is that much like the bible, you can pretty much make whatever interpretation of this stuff that you want and find passages to support what you’re saying. I started this research with some basic ideas in mind and I haven’t found anything that actually contradicts my initial ideas. Which is good. I have found stuff that just doesn’t work, like the idea that the giants were 450 feet tall. Um… yeah, I think not.
Height-wise, I’m leaning toward the nephilim being nothing more than 9-feet tall and probably more like 7.5 – 8 feet tall and big. Og and Goliath, both giants from the scriptures, were 9 and 7 feet tall (based on a 12-inch cubit), or 15 and 11 feet tall (22-inch cubit). So it seems like that’ll work.
Story-wise Tasha and I came up with some good motivations for my nephilim and worked out the interaction between him and the other two characters. We also twisted a few ideas on their ear and got interesting results. If I couple that with some of the stuff that Doug and I talked about regarding my fallen angel and I’ve got a very nice skeleton to hang my story on. I need to finish note carding my scenes (and get away from a strange desire to edit up my own copy of the Book of Enoch) but I feel like I’ve got a good handle on this story.
Which is a great feeling, since I’ve had this idea stewing around in my head for three or four years now, but not ever feeling like I had enough of a handle on the story to really write it down. I tried once before with this idea, but all I had then was a fight scene and the idea that I wanted to do for angels what Anne Rice did for vampires. Not exactly the firmest ground to set a story foundation on. This time will be better.
Tomorrow is the writing call. I’ll let you know how things go and where we stand with our goals. Later.