Flash a-ah…

FlashSavior of the Universe

Flash a-ah

He’ll save every one of us

Flash Gordon has taken his place on the shelf alongside Buck Rogers. You can see, quite distinctly, the broken sword scabbard and the badly repaired name plate. I’ll probably tackle the sword repair at some point in the near future, but for now, from my desk, it’s hardly noticeable. The Ebay seller offered me a fair bit of cash back for the damage that occurred during shipping. I wrestled with it a bit before deciding that I can live with it and I’m not ‘collecting’ these things for their monetary value, but for the roll they play in influencing my development as writer, geek, and whatever else you might want to call me.

Only recently have I started watching the old serials, but I recognize that the Luke Skywalker of my youth and the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century I watched on TV both owe much to both of these classic heroes. Besides; jetpacks, swords, and blasters.  Enough said.