Flooring, Part II

lets try this again

The new floor has arrived. I picked it up on Wednesday and it’s had most of three days to acclimate itself to the temperature in the basement. Just from what I can tell from rolling a bit of it out, this was a good decision. I like the look of it and it has a stiffness and strength to it that I didn’t expect… of course that could just be because it’s cool in the basement.
It is definitely a different style of flooring than the stuff I used in the laundry and bath rooms, which was good but had a very vinyl feel to it and to the way it bent. This stuff has a harder ‘shell’ and the bulk of the under-layer seems to be made up of distinct layers of different materials. These two features made it a little tricky to install.
What I should have done: remove the baseboard trim, layout the flooring in the garage and cut to fit, then lay it in the basement.
But of course that’s not what I did. I rolled out my 12-ft x 15-ft piece of flooring in my not quite 11-ft x 14-ft room and started shifting it around until it seemed close. Then I  began cutting it and tucking it beneath the trim. This flooring is not good at that kind of tight bend and tuck handling. But with a lot of work, and one cut finger, I manged to get it all in place. I think it looks pretty good right now, and I still need to add the additional base trim to close up the gap and hide some of the rough edges.
it’s getting there, a little at a time

I know it’s early, but the flooring was just a part of the Christmas/Birthday gifts for Lady Ronn. I also got her a stainless steel work table to do her clay/ceramics/whatever on. So even though I still need to put some trim down around the floor, put up the new lights, and put up the grid for the ceiling, I thought I should put that table together for her. This way she can start thinking about what she wants to bring back into this room and what she wants to leave out. And of course, she needs to figure out how she’s going to layout the  whole room.
going to need some stainless steel cleaner for that

Sunday, I’ll make a trip to the homecenter and get the rest of the stuff to get this room put together properly. That’s it for today.