Get Back to Work

Let’s talk about work and the pandemic a bit more. Friday, word came down from on high that the guaranteed hours are going away. This was not unexpected. Most everything is reopening and everyone seems to want to get back to business as usual and the normal routines of life. Sure, the pandemic isn’t over, but it’s summer and nobody wants to be cooped up in the house. But that is neither here nor there. This is about me, work, and all those guaranteed hours.

What I’m wondering is, what with all my fiscal pondering last week, how did I make out on this deal? Doing the math, I come up with a total of 225 hours of guaranteed time that were made available to help during the pandemic shutdown. I went through my timecards and calculated up how much of that I took advantage of and how much PTO/vacation time I used to cover the difference. The numbers are interesting, to me anyway. Anything in my 40-hour week that wasn’t PTO or administrative would by simple deduction have to be actual time working. So how did I do?

Of the 225 hours offered up I took advantage of less than a third of the available hours, 70.75 to be exact. I was out working and earning money for the company the rest of the time. So, what does that work out to, like 31-32%. I think they made out okay and I certainly don’t have to feel like I took advantage of their generosity. But how much did I pay myself during that same time period?

Since my PTO started being impacted 3-weeks before the guaranteed hours, I’m going to calculate the possible hours for this period at 520. You take those 225 guaranteed hours away and you’re left with 295 that I was left to fill with paying client hours. What with all the closures, stay away orders, and emergencies only clients, I came up short. I used 133.5 hours of PTO to round out my timecard during this time. Some weeks there was more work than others, but on average I was using 10.25 hours of PTO a week.

The long and the short of it is that during this pandemic, which impacted my hours for the past 13-weeks. I took advantage of a third of their generosity and spent 56% of my vacation time. They’re telling me it’s over and I hope they’re right, but I’m pretty sure they’re not. I’ve still got appointment only clients, call first clients, and half my banks are still closed. But maybe that’ll change next week. Only time will tell. Later.