Good Things Come in Threes

Lots of good stuff today.
I took my work truck in to get the window fixed (it won’t go down; bad motor), the fan fixed (it’s intermittent, but I spend most of my time with no AC), and to get the 144,000 mile maintenance. I couldn’t get the necessary approvals to get two of those three things done and the fleet company gave me a hard time about showing up 400-miles early for the third. All of which kinda sucked. But the flip side is that they’ve decided to get me a new van. Which is awesome.
Today was also the first day of school for our high school student, which is great because, well, because he’ll be out of the house and back in school. I haven’t talked to him, but I imagine he feels less excited by this than I am. Hurrah for school.
The refinance is done. Our money was transferred. And while it’s mostly gone now, we have a zero balance on all of our revolving credit accounts now. And the plan is to buy a new bed with the rest. Anybody have any bed advice? As near as we can tell, mattress purchasing is akin to navigating a labyrinth. Our plan is to just go lay on some and see what we like.