GRCC Winter 2019

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year’s eve, and that the new year is treating you well. I’m back from my vacation. We went down to Florida and visited my mother and sister for Christmas, celebrated the New Year in West Virginia, and made it back in time for work on the 2nd. It was a nice trip, and despite the length, it didn’t feel long enough. But then it never does.

So, back to real life.

The new semester started for me on the 7th. Just two classes this semester and each is just a single night… it’s like I’m not even in school. I’m so used to being in class four nights a week that this lighter schedule is a welcome break. The added bonus is that both classes start at 6:00 PM, which means I’ve got time between work and class to take a breath and maybe grab a sandwich. These are my last two HVAC courses and I’m really liking the way this is playing out.

In other news, I watched Ready Player One last night. I thought it was entertaining enough, but I still am not interested enough to read the book. It was one of those movies that I enjoyed, but will forget pretty quickly.