Hair, Fur, Fir

Do you see that look? He knows what he’s done. There was so much fur on my floor this weekend, that I could have made a second dog. I don’t know how he sheds this much. Constantly. Year round. Always. It’s crazy.

I was looking for some pictures to post in my Google Photos and I came across this, and a series of 6 or 9 others just like it where I used the ‘portrait mode’ on my camera.

umm… i’m not quite there yet

Look, I get it. I’m losing my hair. I don’t really care, or at least I don’t care enough to do anything about it. But this, this seems to be rushing things along. Why did ‘portrait mode’ remove my hair? You can kind of see it blurred out there, but it’s definitely been removed. Kinda freaky. But now I know what the future will look like.

Last night I had some daylight left and it wasn’t crazy cold, so I through up a handfull of boards on the privacy fence project that I’ve ignored for weeks.

it’ll be nice… eventually

Some thoughts as I did this. It got dark fast. Balancing 10-ft. 2×6 deck boards with one hand and holding a drill to set a screw gets a little tricky… I recommend having help. Also, I started at the top and worked down… which did not make things easier. I should have made a jig, but I was in a rush. If you do do this kind of thing alone, have nice table/bench/something to set things on or wear a toolbelt. Impact driver, level, spacer board, screws, and the board itself quickly becomes a frustrating juggling act.

I was going to finish this side tonight, but I got home late and it was already dark. Maybe the weather will cooperate for a few more days.