Happy Groundhog's Day 2004

Well, according to Punxsutawney Phil, we are in for another six weeks of winter. No surprise there for me, it stays pretty cold here in Michigan through at least March. Phil’s not to good at giving us a short winter, seems he’s seen his shadow 94 out of 118 times. That means spring has only come early 14 times since they started this nonsense.

Well, I didn’t get to see the Super Bowl. Not a single minute of it. Looked like it was a good game on the SportsCenter game tracker and what I heard of it on the radio made the end of the game sound quite exciting. But in the end the New England Patriots come away with the win over the Carolina Panthers,final score.

32 New England Patriots
29 Carolina Panthers

I’m sure it was quite thrilling for those of you who did get to watch it. Don’t mind me, I’m just bitter.